Writing On The Wall: Issue 005

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Your weekly guide to what’s new and exciting at The 4th Wall!

Every Friday, we’ll throw out some news about the shop, the comics industry and any and all events and new arrivals that we’ve got going on at The 4th Wall! It’s all part of our attempt to truly be your one-stop place for all things comics!

Shop News

So everyone like’s a sale, right? Sure, but what about a sale featuring some of Comics biggest names? The people behind such works as Preacher, Crossed, Freakangels, Astonishing X-Men, Strangers In Paradise and All-Star Superman? Yeah, I thought that you might like that even better.

Well, as part of our run-up to Christmas, we’ll be having all kinds of sales, giveaways and events. The first of which is introducing our new “Weekly Deals.” Every week when Writing On The Wall goes out, we’ll have SEVEN titles on sale at 20% off. The best part? These titles will be books by some of the biggest names in comics. Check out this week’s set:

Garth Ennis’ Battlefields – Wartime comics as only Ennis can deliver them!
Chew – The hottest book of the past year! Jump on this clever and funny detective series today!
Warren Ellis’ Gravel – Horror Noir, complete with a grizzled private eye!
100 Bullets – The ultimate crime noir tale from Vertigo!
Terry Moore’s Echo – Mr. Strangers In Paradise dives in Sci-Fi in this tale of secret agents and super-weapons!
X-Men: First Class – Soon to be a major motion picture! Get in on the ground floor!
Grant Morrison’s Batman & Robin – A fresh take on the dynamic duo that has become the flagship of all Batman books!

So as you can see, we aren’t messing around. Now is the perfect time to get into some of the lesser-known (and some of the greatly-known) books by your favourite creators, and save some money while doing!

This week’s set is on sale from Oct 22nd – Oct 28th and come the 29th, we’ll have a whole new set for you!

But that’s not all! Watch this space for more sales and event announcements as we run up to Christmas!

Industry Notes

It was actually something of a quiet week within the industry, as the biggest news seemed to center around TV. The premiere of The Walking Dead is fast approaching, but ABC and Marvel have announced that The Incredible Hulk is making a return to the small screen! Also, the folks at Warner Bros are looking to develop a new Wonder Woman series!

I think this is a fantastic trend for the adaptation of comics. So many titles out there suffer when turned into movies because they have to be heavily edited and usually end up leaving something essential to the story on the cutting room floor. But utilizing the multi-part TV series format, there is much more room to breathe, and stories can be told as they were in the books.

The Walking Dead is going to be a great example of this, and if it does well I hope that properties like Preacher, Y: The Last Man and Sandman, who have been languishing in movie-development purgatory for years, can find a home.

Opinions Expressed….

On The Watchtower this week, we talk TV, Green Lantern’s new Power Battery, and give you the rundown of all the biggest and best books on the shelves!

If you’re an amusement park fan, you’ll be happy to hear that California’s Six Flags Magic Mountain will build an all-new Green Lantern-themed roller coaster as well as a redesign and re-branding of its Superman: Escape From Krypton ride.

And not to beat a Green Horse, but some concepts for OA, the home of the Green Lanterns have leaked on to the ol’ intranets. You’ll see them close up in next summer’s blockbuster Green Lantern movie, but have a look at the concepts here.

Tweet of The Week:

@wilw: Listening to a Halloween song that says “beware of Dracula’s deuce”. It’s about a car, but my inner 12 year-old says it it’s about poop.

Wil Wheaton

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