More Introductions & Batman: The Animated Series

Hey there, excellent folks. My name is Alex, and I’m another employee who you’ll likely run into in one of our shops. You don’t have to refer to me as “Shopkeep” in an old-timey voice, but I totally wouldn’t object to it. I’m a comic connoisseur, obviously, but aside from the inky pages I’m also…Read moreRead more

Hello?Is thing on?

Hey guys! This is Marc, one of the new bloods at our wonderful shops here! You’ll come to meet us all, and hopefully love us (as friends, don’t make this weird) as we guide you safely through the waters of the comic book world! We’ll be at both stores addressing your needs and if that…Read moreRead more

Another day, another story!

Hi guys! Bee here, reporting in from the west island location! Which you are more than welcome to come check out if you live too far west to drop into the new store on Queen Mary! Anyway, I thought I’d keep you all up to date on my adventures in the DC52 world. Any of…Read moreRead more