Why are you looking here? The story’s down there!

Hey kids, been awhile huh? We are soon leaving the third month of the New52 and it has been gearing up. Aside from the excellent titles from the last few weeks (Batman, Justice League, Action Comics and Green Lantern all come to mind) this week has seen some excellent issues.  I wanted to list what…Read moreRead more

It’s like there’s a schism between us

Hey guys! It’s Marc again, and now that we’ve been reacquainted let’s get down to business shall we? If you’re anything like me, you’ve had a passionate and sometimes fleeting romance with the X-Men. Once upon a time, this was the only Marvel title I would read. Anything involving the X-Men would captivate me because…Read moreRead more

Starting Points

Happy day after Hallowe’en, everyone. Hope you all made sure to saturate your gullet with as much sugar as your mortal bloodstream could handle! I know I did. What with being a big time university student at all, I find myself spending more time reading dreary, dusty authors talk about the public sphere and cybernetics…Read moreRead more