Comics 101 day @ The 4th Wall East

Have you always liked comics, but never really knew enough about them? Did you love Captain America or another one of this summer’s blockbuster movies, but don’t know where to begin reading with the books? Are you looking for a special or different holiday gift for someone you love that’s entertaining, but not the usual media like…Read moreRead more

A Challenger Approaches!

Hey there, everyone! I’m Justin, your new 4th Wall employee that you may have seen around our West or East locations during the past few weeks. Well, I finally got my hands on one of these fancy blog accounts from El Jefe, so now let me share a little bit of what I’m about. Video…Read moreRead more

The 4th Wall’s New 52-Nie Sale!

The 4th Wall proudly presents it’s DC Comics New 52-Nie Sale! All December long at both 4th Wall Locations, DC Comics New 52 back issues (#1-3) are on sale for just $2 each!* Why that’s 30% off! 2/3rds the Cover Price! $1 Cheaper on the issues you’ve missed! AND If you buy 5 New 52 issues at just $2 each, you get one New 52…Read moreRead more