Darkness Ascends on the 4th Wall East

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Ok, so I got your attention, I hope, with the title.

So time to dismantle the lie, there is no real darkness ascending onto our store BUT it kind of is ascending on our partner store, Gamers’ Vault, on Queen Marry. They are  hosting a special event this weekend (Both Saturday and Sunday). Gamers’ will be having a Pre-Release of a Magic the Gathering Expansion called Dark Ascension.

Registration starts at 10 AM on both Saturday and Sunday and the main event starts at 11 AM. They will be hosting multiple types of games, including sealed and two headed giant.

Come have some gaming fun then swing by our store for some reading material.

Cheers and have a good weekend.

Js signing of from the 4th Wall East on Queen Marry.

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  1. Marc says:

    Not to mention Comic Book Resources has put out an exclusive preview of the much anticipated “Magic the Gathering” #1 from IDW!


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