While Marvel teases, DC reveals it all!

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Isn’t it like the world of comics to take something that most people would disregard or just put aside, and shove at the forefront and argue all about it! If you aren’t sure what I’m referring to, I’m talking of course about the DC Comics logo debacle. Yes, after only a handful of years, the DC “swoosh” logo (winner for most unimaginative logo name) is being retired and replaced with what I can only think to call the “flip book cartoon” logo. The logo literally resembles someone flipping a page. Anyways before we dive in, a little context!

As this was covered in The Watchtower Podcast (by the almighty leader of our band of comic rebels Jeff Moss and Donnie “Questy” Coulter) this week, you should check it out there! But lemme just summarize it. DC screwed up with their copyrights and they’ve had to pay DC Shoes a ton of cash to use their logo. Hence, they decided they no longer wanted to do this and thus they created a new logo. There, context!

Have you ever seen anything more boring?

Alright so how does this new logo fair? Well, considering the initial logo, holy crap was it boring. Simple grey and white, incredibly corporate and literally nothing exciting about it. Well not long after, DC revealed their logo in it’s entirety, and by god they really thought this through!

Color makes a difference, surprisingly.

Now this is DC’s official logo. This is what you’ll be seeing on the books, the trade and the hardcovers. This oddly makes a significant difference to me. The colour and the way it will likely be colour coded with each separate issue isn’t entirely different from the variations we’ve had on the “swoosh” logo recently. The little peel back part is obviously versatile and lends itself well to being changed. DC, in their official release of this logo, put out this image but they also gave a picture of what it will actually look like on our beloved books.

I'd love to meet the guy who thinks we'll be at #708 by May of this year

Obviously, it’ll take some getting used to. We will gripe and we will moan, but in the end it will be the most inconspicuous change on the cover. Besides it looks great, just sitting there in the corner. It’s subtle and small in a way that we will never be bothered by it.

I think what’s most exciting about this logo however is the images that came out before DC’s official release. These fantastic logos that DC is referring to as their “secret identity” logos.

Oh god so good

This is awesome. I mean, look at them! The concept alone is brilliant. Beneath the surface is something amazing, something fantastical, something surreal and different. It is an image that summarizes comics! Beneath the cover of these books is something awesome and fascinating and interesting. It’s even the basis of most of the superhero books DC puts out! This is a real and interesting way to take a previously boring logo and turning it into something incredible. I’d like to see more of this logo in use.

Whatever your opinions on the logo, we can all agree that DC has clearly thought this through. They’ve been able to justify it and it does look pretty good sitting in the corner of the books. At the end of it all, I’m sure we’ll get used to it and then get mad again when they change it again! That’s it from me, comic fans! Maybe I’ll see you at our Avengers vs. X-Men Party? I bet I will *wink wink nudge nudge*


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