The Unified

You may have visited this store from time to time during it’s existence, or come by to check out our friends and roommates at Gamer’s Vault. Well, here’s the skinny. The East has been folded back into the proper. We are one store again, bigger, stronger and better than we were before. The reason for this…Read moreRead more

Supercrooks #1

Hello comics-fans! It’s been a busy and exciting week in comics and a lot has come out. Justice League #7 is great and the Shazam back story is peaking my interest. On a similar note, Batman #7is phenomenal and the title has not lost any of its steam with the fight for Gotham City soon beginning for the…Read moreRead more

Facebookers Assemble!

With only a month to go until Marvel’s Avengers vs. X-Men we’re readying our battle cries. Mine mostly consists of singing the 90s X-Men theme song at the top of my lungs. I’m fairly confident it will put fear right into the hearts of those Avengers supporting ne’r do wells. If not, then you can find…Read moreRead more