A new lady in the police box?

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I know I’m a little late in posting my words on this subject, but here we have it; a new lady in the TARDIS? Jenna-Louise Coleman was announced as the Doctor’s new companion, replacing Karen Gillan, with a first appearance in the 2012 Christmas special, and I’m not too sure how I feel about this. I know feelings on the subject throughout the fandoms are very mixed – some think she’ll be fantastic, and others not so much.

It’s not that I’m against change, change can be great. I loved the switch from David Tenant to Matt Smith, but I’ve grown so attached to Amy and Rory that it’s going to be really hard to see them go. Heartbreaking even. And I can’t help but wonder what will become of River Song afterwards? Will her character remain, or will it be gone alongside her parents? We’ve been through so much with the three of them that it just feels wrong to see them leave.

And rumors of this new companion being non-human? I don’t know why this concerns me so much, but it does. The companions humanness keeps the Doctor in balance, they complement each other – especially with Matt Smith as the Doctor. I’m concerned that taking that humanness away will just throw the whole show out of whack.

Also, when interviewed about her new role on the show, Jenna-Louise was really unspecific when answering any questions – leaving me to believe that she has no real knowledge or appreciation for the show. This concerns me more than anything else because I feel like it should be a requirement that every companion be as big of a fangirl as the audience themselves. In my mind, that’s just how that should work. But hey, Karen didn’t have an ultimate knowledge about the show and she turned out to be the best companion ever. In my opinion at least.

I guess all that I can really do at this point is wait and see what happens. Maybe she’ll win my heart just like Amy did, and Donna and Martha before her, or maybe I’ll be extremely disappointed. All I can be sure of is that Stephen Moffat seems to feel a need to personally victimize his fans, leaving us hanging by a thread, following his twitter feed like a religious text and we’re going to have to wait until later this year to see the results of this new change.

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