Free Comic Book Day For The Troops

I wanted to take a moment to shed some light on something we are doing for Free Comic Book Day that has a little bit of meaning behind it.

For those who don’t know, my younger brother has been in the military for pretty much all of his adult life. He has served two tours of duty in Afghanistan and has spent the better part of the last 10 years living out of suitcases as he has been shipped around the country being trained in things that I can’t even begin to understand.

When he returned after his last tour in Afghanistan, I asked him what the biggest challenge for he and his fellow soldiers was while deployed. “Boredom” he quickly responded. “There isn’t a whole lot to do with your spare time and while the care packages people send are really nice, we always end up with piles of copies of ‘Maxim’ and that’s about it.”

So, I asked if comics might have broken up that time a little more. “Absolutely” he said. “Even if someone wasn’t a big time comics reader or collector, it’d be something different. And everyone loves Batman, right?”

I started thinking about many of the customers I’ve met over the years who have a box of comics, something that’s just collecting dust in an attic or crawlspace. Stuff that isn’t worth much and more than anything, people are just looking to get rid of. Stuff like what’s piled up in my own guest room. Comics that I bought, read, enjoyed, but don’t have any real value to me financially or sentimentally.

So why not send those over to the troops? I thought. It’d get them out of my house, no one’s ever going to buy them from me and if I sent them overseas, at least maybe they’d be enjoyed by someone again. Or at the very least, used to make someones long time seem a little bit shorter.

Comics have been distributed to the troops as far back as WWII, often to stave off boredom or even just to raise spirits. I can’t think of a better tradition to be part of than one that helps pass the days for people who have taken a brave, selfless path and had to endure things that I know I could not.

So this coming Saturday May 5th (which is of course Free Comic Book Day!) when you stop by for your free comics, why not bring over some of that stuff you never read, or don’t have any use for? We will sort it out, ship it to our deployed men & women and for every Diamond box your donation fills, we’ll offer you a $5 store credit for Free Comic Book Day.

You know you’re going to be walking out with a pile of free stuff, so why not make it a Free Comic Book Day for someone else as well?


2 Responses to “Free Comic Book Day For The Troops”

  1. Julie says:

    What a fantastic idea! If this initiative goes well then maybe you could organize with other comic shops. Thanks for all your hard work sir!

  2. Tony O'seland says:

    I’ve tried this very thing at the university where I teach and have been astounded at the lack of interest by the students and faculty. I’m going to try again next year (all of my kids will be back stateside) and hope for a better reaction. How did your drive do?

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