Lessons from Battle/Command School

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I don’t know about the rest of you, but I always related university exam period to tip-toeing through a minefield. As soon as that last 30 minutes of any exam was announced, it became a full-on sprint with disregard for life or limb. Personal stories aside, I’d like to bring the Ender’s Game comics to your attention. The comics are based on the sci-fi novels by Orson Scott Card which focus on Ender Wiggin, a brilliant 6 year-old boy entered into Battle School. At the school he must train with many other extraordinary children to become Earth’s next defense for when the Formics attack.

Some people like to relate their school to being at Hogwarts. For me, I obviously relate it to training for battle, just like in Ender’s Game. It’s a fantastic tale that showcases the struggles of a boy singled out from his peers to be the savior of mankind. The Ender’s Game Ultimate Collection was released earlier this year, collecting both the Battle School and Command School series. This is some sci-fi perfection.

If you’ve read the Ender’s Game novel, then you already know what happens in this collection. I’d read it back in high school, but reading the comic adaptation recently brought back so many memories that I had to share them. The teachers keep throwing more and more at Ender, and he keeps coming right back at them. With what the students are put through it’s entirely easy to forget that they’re all children.

After reading the Ultimate Collection you may even want to pick up the other graphic novel adaptations from the series, such as Ender’s Shadow: Battle and Command School, Ender in Exile, War of Gifts, Speaker for the Dead, and Formic Wars: Burning Earth. I found it nearly impossible to stop reading the series after only Ender’s Game: Battle and Command School. The core story from Card’s novels is so enticing that you need to find out what happens after the end of Command School, with Formic Wars actually being a prequel to the entire series.

Make sure to drop by for your dose of Ender! With an entire shelf dedicated to the series, you won’t miss it!

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