Take The Bad News With The Good

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Sometimes in life, things happen.

If you’re really lucky though, the disappointing things happen around the same time as something good and it balances it out in the end.

I sort of feel that way right now because, with a disappointed heart I have to announce that the Nerdy Little Secret comedy show that we had planned for May 13th at the Comedy Nest has been cancelled. The circumstances were unfortunately well beyond our control and in the end, we’ve got to put it to rest.

One thing that I have always been very proud of about The 4th Wall is we take the shots. If there is a chance to reach out and connect with the community around us in a way that’s exciting and fun, we want to try it. So with that said, be sure that there will be plenty of events coming in the next few weeks that will do just that.

Often, businesses wait for the community to come to them. They open up shop and hope that people walk through their doors. At The 4th Wall, we have always wanted to do more than that. We want to reach out and be part of the community, not just a destination within it.

So with that said, I want to take this opportunity to announce The 4th Wall Initiative.

Spiraling out of our very successful back issue drive on Free Comic Book Day, The 4th Wall Initiative will be doing all kinds of community outreach and service over the coming months. The first of which is announcing that the aforementioned back issue drive will be changing from a mini-series to an ongoing.

That’s right, you can now donate comics for the soldiers at The 4th Wall any day that we’re open. In appreciation of this donation, we’ll be giving you some free books as well. All the details will be available on this website in the next couple of days.

So, to conclude, let me just say thanks to everyone who made our Free Comic Book Day and every day we’re open such an amazing time.

Be good, and we’ll see you ’round the shop!


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