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For this weeks The Face Behind the Comics I interviewed Danielle Corsetto, writer and artist of the Girls with Slingshots series. You can read Girls with Slingshots here, but first, a little Q&A I had with the lovely Danielle herself!

1.     What made you decide to venture into the world of webcomics?I had my comics published on the web way back in the 2000 or 2001, because it was an easy way to reach a wide audience. When I started GWS, I decided to launch it on my own hand-crafted website, partially because I really enjoyed cursing at the computer while writing HTML and CSS from scratch.2.     What was the inspiration behind the Girls with slingshots series?

I created a strip called Hazelnuts in high school, and really liked the characters. Hazel and Jamie have changed a LOT since then! But they were the main inspiration behind the current series.3.     With their strong personalities, each character reminds me a little of someone in my life, was it meant to be that way, or is that completely accidental?I think that just means you have great people in your life. ;)

4.     With so many characters comes giving each of them names, how do you manage to come up with such unique names for each and everyone of them?

Whenever I create a new character, I’ll do a bunch of sketches and turnarounds first, and then fill the page with potential names. I’ll come back to the drawing every few hours and cross out any names that don’t suit (or that are too close to other characters’ names) until there are a few left. Then I usually let my Twitter readers pick for me, because I have a hard time doing it myself!

5.     Creating a webcomic means deadlines, do you ever find yourself falling behind on deadlines because life just gets in the way?

Yes and no! I always want to have SOMETHING new (even if it’s a week of guest strips, or a sheet of warm-up sketches) uploaded to the server and ready to show on every weekday. It used to be difficult for me, but now I’m so dedicated to telling a story in a predictable and comfortable format (every weekday around midnight) that I’ll cancel events and get-togethers in order to get the strip out on time.

6.      I know you like sticking to the old school pen and paper, but have you ever considered switching it up and going digital?Considered it, yes. But I hate being behind a computer, and I love trying new pens, and I especially love having original art, so I’ll probably always do the inks and lettering on paper.
7.    When girls with slingshots started, did you ever expect it to grow to the size it is today?
Not at all! When I started the website, I mostly did it as a nearly-free ($10/mo hosting) way to advertise my skills in order to get more jobs in illustration, web design, and writing. After awhile I started to update the comic 3 times a week instead of 2 (so that I could tell a more polished story), and in a couple of years I decided to stop taking illustration gigs and make GWS my full-time job, bumping it up to 5 times a week.
8.      If you could have any guest artist (dead or alive) come do one page for you, who would it be, and why?Probably Cameron Stewart, because his art is just soooo pretty, or Michael Gaydos, because… actually, because his art is sooooooo pretty too. I guess I like pretty art. :) Gaydos illustrated the only mainstream comic I’ve ever read all the way through (Alias), and I think I’m partial to him because Jessica Jones reminds me so much of Hazel.
In the meantime, some of my absolute favorite artists – Yuko Ota, Becky Dreistadt, Erika Moen, and a slew of others I can’t think up right now – have done guest strips for me, and I’ve nearly peed my pants because they were SO GOOD. Yuko particularly blows my mind. That linework!!9.    The world of comics and the internet is ever moving and changing, where do you see your comic being in five years?I’ve always allowed my “five year plan” (I don’t have one) to be very fluid, because while I can certainly hypothesize what the future of the Internet will be like, I can’t bank on it. Though I can tell you that I’m confident I’ll continue making books, and that people will continue to want/buy them. (I could be wrong! But that’s my little hypothesis.)

By 2022 I hope to see my comics printed on air. Better for the environment, way easier bathroom reading.10.   If you had to pick one word to describe your experience in webcomics so far, what would it be?
Is there a word that means both “satisfying” and “exhausting?” That word!
Thats all for this week, but I do hope to see you again next week for another interview!

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