Walking Dead #100 With The 4th Wall

We do love Milestone Issues here at The 4th Wall, and one of the most talked about issues of the last few years is Issue #100 of The Walking Dead. So, to celebrate this landmark issue, we want to talk to you about it while you eat!

On July 11th, eat a light breakfast because The 4th Wall is pleased to host a Walking Dead Buffet to celebrate issue #100!

We will have Eyeball Pasta Salad, “Finger” Food and Brain Cupcakes for dessert! The party will start at 12pm and last as long as the food and comics hold out!

Image and Skybound are going all out as well, offering several variant covers by some of the biggest names in comics as well as a sure to be coveted Chromium edition!

So join us for a bit of food and fun as we answer the burning question: Who or what is Lucille?

Walking Dead #100 Cover Gallery

Cover A by Charlie Adlard:

Cover B by Marc Silvestri Coming Soon!

Cover C by Frank Quitely

Cover D By Todd MacFarlane

Cover E By Sean Phillips

Cover F By Bryan Hitch Coming Soon!

Cover G By Ryan Ottley

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