A Fashion Beast to hit the shelves!

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Alan Moore has always been ahead in the world of comics, from his titles such as Swamp Thing and V for Vendetta in the 80′s, to his upcoming series Fashion Beast, due to hit shelves Fall 2012 (But ready to pull on comicpull).

Fashion Beast, originally a film script, up until now has been lost and unseen by the public. Over twenty-five years later, Avatar Press is releasing it as a ten-issue mini-series, adapted by Antony Johnston, who had already worked on Moore’s titles such as The Hypothetical Lizard and The Courtyard.

Fashion Beast is the story of Doll. a gender bending nobody, who gets selected by Celestine, a world class fashion designer. What should have been a dream life quickly turns into a nightmare when Doll finds out what the world behind the catwalk is really like, not without picking up some unlikely friends and enemies along the way.

In an interview, Johnston assures us that despite being written the 1980′s, the alternate-history future aspect made the entire thing easy to modernize, not leaving any taste of 80′s nostalgia in our mouths. Even down to the looming of threat of nuclear war, which is as much of an issue today as it was then.

Of course Alan Moore has had final approval of the book, and has been involved the entire way, calling it something along the lines of marrying the strange and isolated life of Christian Dior with the fable Beauty and the Beast.  Moore also thanked Johnston for his adaptive skills as well as Facundo Percio for his stylish artwork.

Whether you’re a Moore fan like me, or not so keen, you can’t deny that despite all his crazy, he is a huge deal in the world of comics, helping shape it to what it has become today. And we all need a little Alan in our lives, so keep your eyes peeled for when Fashion Beast hits the shelves!

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