See The Dark Knight Rise… On Us!

We’ve had Avengers… we’ve had Spider-Man… but the biggest movie of the summer is on it’s way July 20th: The Dark Knight Rises!

And we at The 4th Wall are so excited that we want you to go see it at the Kirkland Colisee, on us!

We have 6 passes to give away and all you have to do is play our little Dark Knight Rises Game:

1. Come into the store and ask for one of five clues.
2. If you can follow the clue it will lead you to The Riddler!
3. If you can answer his riddle, you win a pass to see The Dark Knight Rises!

It’s as simple as that! So come one, come all and see The Dark Knight Rises!

-1 try per visit.
-You can win up to 2 passes.
-While supplies last.
-No purchase necessary.

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