After Year One

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Comics-fans, Zero month is nearly upon us.

“But, what’s Zero Month?” you ask. Well dear reader, Zero Month is September, to put it simply. You see, if you’ve been reading comics for the past year, you most certainly know about DC Comics’ New 52 project. BUT, for those of you who’ve been living sad comics-less lives, I shall explain. A year ago, DC started the New 52 as an attempt to start over. They dumped many years worth of continuity (except for people like Batman and Green Lantern) and started all of their books over at Issue #1 with brand new stories, costumes and a brand new universe. This project on the whole was largely successful except for a few minor cancellations and hiccups (you can read that as Rob Liefeld losing his mind if you like, it keeps things interesting).

“That’s all fine and dandy, but you haven’t explained Zero Month yet!” you exclaim. Dear reader, you need to keep your cool and let me be “funny” every now and then otherwise this relationship just isn’t going to work out. Zero Month is DC’s attempt to round up the first year of the New 52 and cap it off in a way. Most of these zero issues will see the brand new origin stories that have only been hinted at previously. In some cases, we’ll see the debuts of certain titles. What you can understand about Zero Month is two things. 1. It is DC’s attempt to catch lightning in a bottle a second time and get what they got in the first couple of months of the New 52. 2. This is your chance to jump in to comics.

You see, dear reader, Zero Month is the first attempt in something that many of us have been waiting for, “seasonal comicbook writing”. It’s something that Moss and I have discussed a couple of times. Comic books should try to operate in the same way that TV shows do. One year is made up into one story, and that is Season One. The next year, you work on Season two. In between seasons you can release “zero issues” or “annuals” that recap the past year and add something new to excite people about the next season and then begin the next season. It would conceiveably bring in a lot of new readers on since they’ve had their attention grabbed by Season One, and who would be anticipating Season Two. But it would also give people who want a way in exactly what they need. This is the most novel thing about these zero issues. They give everyone a chance to jump onto a book and give them the info from the past year so that they’ll have caught up with everyone else.

Personally, the #0 issues that I’m excited about the most are Batman #0 (because honestly, who can’t love Snyder and Capullo’s run on Batman this past year?) and Justice League #0 (finally the first appearnace of my favorite obscure superhero ever, Captain Marvel or as he’s known nowadays, Shazam!). Which books are you guys interested in? Do you think that people will be jumping onto new books? Or that DC will be able to get the same success they did when the New 52 started?

Until next week comics-fans!

For some reason, DC Characters really hate giant paper walls.

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