Hyrule Historia Is Coming Westward!

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The Legend of Zelda is awesome. Even if you never had a Nintendo console, you’re at least aware that the series exists and of it’s outstanding quality. Well, in December 2011 there was a little 274-oage book called Hyrule Historia: The Legend of Zelda Encyclopedia released over in Japan. Not only did it provide information and art for EVERYTHING Zelda, but it also contained an actual timeline that ties all the games together. This is art from Zelda games from the past 25 years, some unseen concept art, as well as 32 pages of manga from the latest title: Skyward Sword.

This is the point where you ask, “Why, Justin, what does Zelda have to do with comics?”. Well, that’s because Dark Horse Books is bringing this bundle of Zelda love to comic retailers in North America!

Now put your tongues back in your respective mouths! It’s time for the bad news. Hyrule Historia will only be available in early 2013, so it’s still ways away. The current price for the title that’s going around the net is $34.99USD, but we can’t give a solid price until we know for sure from our distributor.

If you can’t stand the wait, then grab a peek at the Japanese version in the video below.

We’ll be sure to let you know when it arrives here at the 4th Wall. At this point, I’m more than willing to throw my money at Dark Horse for a copy of this in English. How about you?


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