Rise and Defend the Earth on your Phone

Helloooo comic fans! Your resident Batmanologist here to steal Justin’s shtick once more and talk to you about some games that have very recently hit the App Store. With the release of The Dark Knight Rises, there was bound to be some tie in material. Gameloft has given us The Dark Knight Rises Mobile Game for iPhone and iPad! And with the new 52′s popularity over the last year, a small company named Netmarble has given us Justice League: Earth’s Final Defense, featuring the current incarnation of the Justice League as its main cast. I recently picked up both of these from the App Store and gave them a go because I’m dedicated to letting you guys know about the coolest stuff (also I really like videogames, especially those featuring Batman, but all that other stuff was totally true!).

The Dark Knight Rises Mobile Game or TDKRMG for not-so-short is essentially a companion game to the movie. It is meant to let you experience the action within the movie. So first things first, is this game any good? It is plenty good! The game resembles a mobile version of Arkham City with The Dark Knight Rises plastered over it. It looks gorgeous and plays really smooth, especially for an iPad game which is astounding to me. The game is open-world so you can move around Gotham at your leisure, grappling and gliding from place to place. Is the game perfect however? No, not at all. While technically impressive for an iPad game and quite fun to play, the story is just awful. Now this is not a reflection on the quality of the movie. I can safely tell you that The Dark Knight Rises is an amazing movie and you should go see it six times. But the story in this game is just a really poor copy of the movie’s plot. Everything is mashed together and held together with masking tape. It basically took the most important parts of the movie and put those side by side as a sequence, which can be really irksome because you don’t get the same feeling the movie gave. It should be noted that if you haven’t seen The Dark Knight Rises yet (which is a travesty so shame on you) you shouldn’t buy this game until you’ve seen it because it is pretty spoiler heavy. That really is my only gripe because the gameplay is great. All in all it is a fun play, if a little pricey at 6.99$.

Netmarble’s Justice League: Earth’s Final Defense may not be the most beautiful or technologically exciting game you’ll find in the App Store, but it is really a guilty pleasure for me. I stayed up very late playing this game because it kind of sucks you in. The structure of the game is that you get to pick a member of the Justice League to play as and gain experience points. You can choose from Superman, Wonder Woman, or Batman to start with (eventually you can unlock The Flash and Green Lantern) and the game has you running through levels, beating up bad guys and unlocking new abilities. That’s it. Nothing particularly special about it, in fact it reminds me of Justice League Heroes from a couple of years back. But I guess that’s what I like about this game. There’s no particular challenge to it, it just lets you beat people up and unlock really cool costumes in the process (Batman’s Gotham by Gaslight costume is unlockable for example). For a 2.99$ purchase, it’s worth it. You can play through it multiple times with different characters and gain cool abilities for each character (Batman can throw Batbombs or use his Batarang as a knife, Superman can fly and use his heat vision etc.). Like I said, it’s not the most impressive game ever, but it does satisfy that need to run around as your favorite superheroes, without the people at the mall looking at you funny because you’re running around in a Batman costume. The resemblance to Justice League Heroes is probably another thing that keeps it fun for me (I played that game like a million times seeing as it was one of the only Justice League games to ever exist in my lifetime) but you can always find out for yourself! All in all, at 2.99$ it is definitely a guilty pleasure game to pass the time on your way to work or when just hanging around the house.

Well folks, hopefully this gives you insight into some great mobile games that’ll help you kill some time at the clinic or in the subway. If there’s one thing I learned today, it’s that I should just let Justin do the game reviews and I should stick to talking about comics! Anyways, I’m off to go see The Dark Knight Rises as many times as it takes for me to perfectly mimic Bane’s voice! Later!

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