New blog pannel, Devin knows best… well, most of the time!

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Hey everybody. As you might know (and if not you will now!), I’m the new guy at the store of awesomeness, the 4th Wall! I’ve been surrounded by comics, superheroes, sci-fi, and the world of geekerry (which I am proud to be myself!) my entire life.

Because I am ancient in this world (well according to most fellow class mates in school and co-workers, lol!), and because of my experiences in life, I am a natural critic. I love to debate and argue about movies, comics, TV series, the newest toys, places, food/beverages, and society. My intentions for this new blog of mine is to review current affairs in relations to selected topics and give you the scoop if I give it (in order from best to worst) the F*%k yeah!, the meh, the kick in the ass, or the punch to the face, and because I know best, well, most of the time, it should provide you with the heads up before dashing out and wasting your time and money. I will do the best to my efforts to bring this blog to you once a week.

My first review this week (well, ever!), will be on the DC 52 series, Aquaman. Originally created by Paul Norris and Mort Weisinger, Aquaman made his debut in More Fun Comics #73 in 1941. Later on during the late 50′s and 60′s in the “superhero-revival” (known as the silver age), he became a founding member of the Justice League. Unfortunately over the years/decades, his popularity was over shadowed by the other more popular characters of the JLA (Superman, Batman, Green Lantern, etc…), and he always remained as the “back-up” hero who only appeared when it was issues related to the oceans (well, most of the time). Because of his lack of involvement, he started to become the butt-end of the joke in the superhero world. He has been used in several parady’s such as Robot Chicken, Fairly Odd Parents (name not used but you knew who they were referring too), and several on-line comic parady’s in the past which they all pretty much said; “We need a hero! Here comes one now! It’s! It’s! Oh… it’s Aquaman… Yay…. We can sure use his power to talk with marine life right now out in the desert…”. So he has been shunned and kicked around, until now!

In the new 52 series of Aquaman which is done by Geoff Johns, Ivan Reis and Joe Prado, they’ve decided to revive the character with a whole new attitude and make him all in all an awesome bad-ass! In the first issue they kept some of the original jokes towards him such as, hey look it’s Aquaman, boy do we feel safe… Also, it’s the guy who talks to fish… But this time, he reacts to those types of comments by pretty much giving the one gun salute and showing them what he can really do! This series shows a whole new side of the character by giving him a large boost of ego, showing what he can actually do and powerful he can be, an the attitude if you don’t like me, well too freaking bad, I’m what you got and you will learn to respect me!

I was one of the many who were skeptical about jumping into the series based on a character who was a running joke, but after I read the first issue, I quickly forgot about all of the past jokes and have a new outlook to character who really needed the good creative team to boost him up. I give this series an F*%K Yeah! Hopefully they continue the trend.

The hard cover of the first 6 issues was released last week and is available at the 4th Wall.

In the great words of Arnold (Ace) J. Rimmer; “Smoke me a kipper, I’ll be back for breakfast!” Until next week!


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  1. BIll JOnes says:

    This was my first time attending a comic con show. I drove to Montrealwith my two grandsons, ages 9 and 14. The boys loved it and the three of us had a blast. However, I agree with your comments. There is a great deal of potential for the show to be even better, with a smarter use of space and more on site show events (in the exhibiton hall itself).
    The boys were keen to see the video game room but it turned out to be weak. The fellow promised next year they would have more time and space to develop a cool video game room.
    One of the highlights was the number of dress up characters and photo ops with them.
    You are also right on with the money people have (or do not have) to spend. It is not a big money market so the things on sale have to reflect that. I saw the $2 bins and would have spent more time there but the boys were dragging me away to costume t shirts and other goodies. There was no way we could afford the high cost of autographs but the photo op for the Batmobile wasn’t too bad.
    All in all a great experience but one that can be even better. Looking forward to next year.

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