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I don’t about you comics fans but I’m pretty pumped for the rest of this year. Not only do we have the beginning of the second year of the new 52 and brand new storylines to look forward to, we’ve also got Marvel Now! coming down the pipes. Now I’m sure some people are thinking Marvel Now! is a new 52 rip off and that Marvel is just trying to get new attention but I’m genuinely excited for the change up we’ll be seeing. Marvel Now! means new creative teams, it means new storylines and most importantly it means new directions. Now I know you’re curious to see what’s in my Pull-list from Marvel Now! (let’s just pretend for a second, it won’t kill you) and so I’ll be showing you what I think will be most exciting in Marvel Now! and why!

1) Indestructible Hulk

One thing got me really excited about this book: Mark Waid and Leinil Yu. Mark Waid has been one of my favorite writers since I read Kingdom Come, and every since I heard his genuine enthusiasm for comics in his interview portions of the DC Comics documentary. Leinil Yu’s art is gorgeous and the series I’ve seen him on have been some of my favorite (Supercrooks, Avenging Spider-Man #5). This is a creative team I couldn’t help be excited about. Hulk is also a guilty pleasure of mine, I love watching monsters fight so rolled into one makes it altogether too easy for me to be excited. But most importantly, knowing that this new Hulk (he’s still Bruce Banner obviously, but rather their are new elements about him) will be wearing armor intrigued me. Why would probably one of the strongest characters physically need a set of armor? And how exactly does he work for S.H.I.E.L.D now? This new direction is what is truly exciting and what I feel demonstrates the point of Marvel Now! It should be going in directions we haven’t seen yet, and I think this book will be a prime example of that philosophy.

2) Captain America

Lately, I’ve been a huge fan of Captain America. The movie was amazing, and I’ve read some really quality Cap stories, like The Winter Soldier storyline, that have fostered a certain admiration in the character for me (my extensive Captain America themed haul at this year’s Montreal Comic-Con would suggest more than admiration, frankly). So naturally I would jump at this new Cap book, a chance to start a series from the beginning rather than relying on the trades like I have been lately. Once again, I’ve really enjoyed John Romita Jr.’s art in the past, but I’ve never read Rick Remender’s work before which is the only apprehension I have regarding the series, but that being said his run on Uncanny X-Force is supposed to be one of the best so my apprehension is slight. Once again though, it’s the complete change of direction for Captain America that has me intrigued. It seems like we won’t be seeing too much of the awesome spy/soldier tales that made Brubaker’s run on Captain America so great, but rather we’ll be seeing a sort of science fiction element added in. Cap will be out of his element and facing new, hopefully monstrous foes in what is being referred to as “Dimension Z” and that;s so exciting for me. Captain America fighting dimensional beings. Look at that sentence and contemplate that for a minute. If you stare long enough, the words blur together and return to focus as “awesome“.

3) Avengers

I’m assuming that this goes without saying but Avengers is the book to get if you want a taste of the Marvel Universe. Obviously I do like characters that aren’t Captain America or The Hulk (Wolverine, Red Hulk and Spider-man are the other favorite Marvel characters) but not enough to go out and get all the other titles. Avengers is the perfect blend of all of these characters in one book, on one team. Admittedly, I know nothing about the creative team other than Jonathan Hickman’s obsession with extensively plotting out the books he’s working on. But that doesn’t matter, because you know that Marvel will be putting their best into this book. It is a guaranteed good book based on that fact alone! The page previews I’ve seen and the covers alone are enough to get me pretty excited about this book. I honestly can’t wait to see the direction of this book and if it will try to shake up the status quo of Marvel like the other two titles, but either way who doesn’t love having a big team-up book with people like Cap, Thor, Iron Man, Hulk? People who hate fun, that’s who. 

Now I realize these are somewhat “vanilla” choices for books but you know what? You don’t know me. You can’t just judge me like you know me! (Just kidding, let’s not fight). But, all jokes aside, there are also tons of other books that look really cool coming from Marvel Now! like the new Deadpool series, All-New X-Men and Thunderbolts. October is when it all begins kids and then after that, Marvel Now! will be in full gear. I’m sure I’ll see you in the store come October, for the very first in Marvel’s future!

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