4 More DC New 52 Series Get The Axe

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In yet another attempt to thin the ranks of underachieving New 52 titles, DC has declared that the series Blue Beetle, Grifter, Frankenstein: Agent of S.H.A.D.E., and Legion Lost will all see their seventeenth and final issues in January. Their cancellation will make way for the new Justice League of America,Threshold, and yet another Superman series by Scott Snyder (Batman) and Jim Lee (Justice League), all set for 2013.

Now, I know a few people (including myself) who are pretty upset to see Blue Beetle getting the axe. There’s just something about Jamie arguing with himself (the scarab/suit) that makes for an entertaining comic, so I’m glad that DC has seen fit to keep Blue Beetle around for the new cosmic series Threshold. This new series may not be news to everyone, but in wake of hearing about Beetle’s cancellation I had high hopes he would still be around after his battle with the Reach. Lo’ and behold, he will be!

Not only will Blue Beetle be included in Threshold, but the first storyline, “Hunted”, will also focus on the Omega Men, Star Hawkins, the original Starfire, Space Ranger, Space Cabbie, and a yet another new Green Lantern named Jediah Caul. Word is that the second storyline is to focus on Larfleeze, who I love to no end for being the most ridiculous character in the Green Lantern world.

Threshold is set to debut in January 2013. Justice League of America and the currently unnamed Superman title have no further specific release date beyond “2013″.

In other Blue Beetle related news, you can also find him in the second season of the animated TV series Young Justice on the Cartoon Network (or iTunes), currently at episode 10. The rest of the season will air when the show returns in January 2013. CN began had a block of six episodes ready to be aired several weeks ago, and after only two weeks they decided to push back the rest until January. Harsh.

Young Justice is probably my favorite super-hero animated TV show, so I suggest you catch up on season 1 while waiting through the cold winter months. The series plays around with some characters, but does more than enough justice to make any DC fan happy. There’s even a Young Justice comic series for the younger crowd if they just can’t get enough.

Until next time, just keep on doing…whatever it is that you do.

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