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Warning, this contains subject matter which is only meant for a mature audience… Who am I kidding,  it still wont stop you!

Hello DKB followers, it’s that time of the week again where something will be discussed and given the DKB rating, The F&*k YEAH!(great), The Meh(OK/good), The kick in the Ass(kinda lousy, not so good), and the Punch in the Face (shit!). This week I’ll be discussing a series which will soon be coming to an end, The Boys.

I‘d have to first admit that I was looking forward to write a review about this series for quite some time, and now here it is!

From the demented, vulgar, disgusting but yet creative and entertaining mind of Garth Ennis who also brought you such series as Preacher, Just Another Pilgrim, Battlefields, Max Punisher, and one of my favorite one shots, The Pro. With the open mindness of Dynamite comics, he has brought us one of his best runs to date, The Boys.

Ennis has created a world where super heroes exist, not by mutations nor being alien, but from early lab experiments. What makes this series so funny is that to the public eye, the super heroes (as other typical comics), are shown to be the real good guys and that saviors of mankind, but in reality, they are the biggest scum bags on the planet! Behind the scenes, the typical daily life of a “Supe” is sniffing lines of cocaine while fulfilling their sex appetites in any form that you can imagine. Not only are they perverted, murdering sick bastards, they were the cause of most of past disasters which has occurred, but because of their celebrity status and fame, it was the terrorists fault! To keep a close eye on the “Supe’s”, a CIA organisation formed a group called the Boys. This group consisted of specifically chosen members who were injected with the compound to give them super powers to be able to take out “Supe’s” at any given time.

What made this series great besides being all out freaking nasty, is that every issue brought action, comedy, and the excitement of “what will happen next issue”. The series also had a couple of side stories which do intertwine with the main story such as Herogasm (not just a clever title!), Highland Laddie, a side story of the newest member of the Boys, Hughie, and Butcher Backer, The Candle Stick Maker, which is the back story of Butcher who is the leader of the Boys (this you one especially you can’t miss!). For the complete Boys experience, the side issues are a must, trust me, I do know best after all!
Sadly all good things must come to an end. The Boys will be wrapping up in issue #72 that should be released in November of this year. One thing I can tell you is that the leading up to the finally is shocking and keeps you on the edge of your seat! I am sadden but at the same time excited how to see how this will all end, which has not been predictable to date either!

For the official DKB rating, I rate The Boys as a F&*K YEAH! I would recommend this series to anybody who is looking for an adult saturated, violent, comedic, action packed series with great writing. If you are interested (which I’m telling you to be!), we have the TP of the series available at The 4th Wall, we also have the collectors box sets as well which also include the side stories as well, and all at a great price!

Now go and buy it! Until next weeks review on Thomas Crapper, the inventor of the flush toilet. Keep on flushing!

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