DKB revues: Arrow & Falling Skies

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WARNING! That is all.


Hey fellow DKB worship… Ah, I mean followers! After taking a week off, I now come back to you with my reviews about the much anticipated new television series, Arrow, and I will also be discussing another show which I cam across, Falling Skies. I can’t promise to be nice, but I’ll try!

A show which I personally was very excited to see which aired on Wednesday October 10th at 9pm on the CW channel, Arrow. A new tv series which is based on the DC comic book character Oliver Queen aka the Green Arrow. This pilot episode introduces an entire new perspective of the Green Arrow by making him much more dark and psychologically messed up through trauma. It can be compared to how Bruce Wayne became Batman with the violent murder of his parents in front of his eyes, promising to bring evil do’ers to justice. With Oliver Queen (in the show), his suffering came from his yacht capsizing in a storm where as the women he was screwing was washed out to sea just being a few feet away from him to being able to grab her (oh, and she was also his actual girlfriend’s sister that he was cheating on with!). Stranded on a life boat in the middle of the ocean with his father and another crew member where his father decided to confess to him how his business dealings and success weren’t very “legit”. Then watching him pull out a gun, shooting the crew-member and then blowing his own head off to insure the survival of Oliver, and then finally being stranded on a small deserted island for five years with no human contact.
Now that’s a mind fuck! Not only did he return to his city vowing to clean it up from it’s corrupts, he is also not afraid of going to the extreme by eliminating those who stand in his way. You piss him off or fuck with his city, you’ll wish it was Batman coming after you, because Arrow wont hesitate to put an arrow in your head!

This series provides (to date), a entertaining and action pack show with a dark twist. Collin Donnell was an excellent choice to play the role of Oliver Queen while at the same time pulling off a dark Arrow. If you enjoyed watching the TV series Smallville, I’m sure you’ll enjoy this one as well.

My official DKB review of arrow for now is between a Meh and a F&*k Yeah! Very good start with anticipation of only getting better.


Another show I wanted to mention was a new TV series on the Space channel, Falling Skies. The show premiered on Monday October 7th at 9pm on the space network. It is based on a post alien invaded earth where humanity struggles day to day to survive by hiding in the shadows and using stealth techniques to gather food and supplies. The storyline is kinda of a been there, done that, but unlike past sci-fi series, this one offers great action, a good story plot with good writing. The series will be soon entering it’s 3rd season, but it was only available on American stations. Thanks to the space network for picking it up, it will gives us a chance to experience a much needed sci-fi experience other than seeing the same freaking episodes of stargate(s) and star trek(s) over and over. It’s also rare I say something positive about the space channel ever since they cancelled Todd and the Book of Pure Evil! Also for showing the same old crap 5000 times a day!

The official DKB rating for Falling Skies is a Meh, and that’s pretty good for a plot that has been used a countless number of times in the past!


NOT DONE YET!!!! I just wanted to recap on the show Revolution. I am officially dropping my rating to a Kick in the Ass. It is now going on it’s 5th episode and it is just rolling downhill. It’s as if a shit storm flew into the creators and completely smeared itself all over them. The story is going nowhere and the writing is just terrible. I hope that they have something really big and/or some kind of massive plot twist because this show is on it’s way to getting my lowest review, A Punch in the Face!

Next week, Snooki… what the fuck is a Snooki!? Until then, keep on fist pumping!


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