A New Spidey (Collection) Emerges!

Hey there, web-slinger aficionados!

Have you been keeping up to date with your Ultimate Spider-Man? No? GASP! Honestly, I’m quite shocked if you haven’t considering it’s one of the most critically acclaimed comic series out there – and one of my personal favourites. You may be asking why I’m even bringing up  this series, as well known as it is. Well, it just so happens that the first hardcover volume of Ultimate Comics Spider-Man was released this past week, collecting issues #1-5 and Ultimate Spider-Man Fallout #4, and does it ever have some changes in store for those of you who aren’t keeping up to date with the monthly issues.

At first glance you may notice that this is not your classic Spider-Man outfit, or even Peter Parker wearing it. That’s right, we have ourselves a new Ultimate Spider-Man. If you hadn’t been paying attention to the Ultimate Universe over the past year then you should know right away that Peter Parker has died. I’m not sugar coating it for you, people. But what has risen from this extremely risky decision by Marvel is a new Spider-Man. The new web-slinger is none other than Miles Morales, an African-American/Latino teenager living in a somewhat less than ideal neighbourhood. Spoiler alert, he gets his powers from a radioactive spider,  but it gets so much more interesting than that.

What drew me into this relaunch of Ultimate Spider-Man was -at first- my desire to keep reading the series, but what kept that desire going was how Brian Michael Bendis handled the material. Ultimate Spider-Man has always been an amazing superhero comic book, but what made it stand out were the character relationships and interactions due to Bendis’ fantastic writing. With an entirely new Spider-Man at the forefront of this series Bendis gives the readers a chance to explore a somewhat ignored aspect of society by placing Miles in a very low-income area, forcing his family to resort to a charter school lottery so that he can continue his schooling.

Miles Morales

If school wasn’t enough trouble for him he also has the the public perception to deal with. It’s not easy trying to replace Spider-Man, but Miles is more than up to the task as he begins to learn the full extent of his powers.

Even if you never touched an Ultimate Spider-Man book in your life, this is the perfect time to start. A fresh Spider-Man turned out to be just what the series needed and, if you give him the chance, Miles Morales will prove that to you himself.

So, feel free to stop by our East or West locations and pickup a copy of Ultimate Comics Spider-Man Vol.1. And if you want to check out any of the earlier Ultimate Spider-Man comics we’ve got a large collection to keep you busy.