The 4th Wall is a new breed of comic book shop!

Traditionally, comic book stores have been dark, somewhat dirty places that have not been very welcoming outside of a select group of collectors. The 4th Wall aims to change all that.

At The 4th, you won’t find rows upon rows of crumbling back issues, or trip over statues and collectibles that haven’t sold in years. Instead, you will find an open, welcoming and well-lit store that invites you to come in and poke around. Simply put, we love comics and instead of creating an atmosphere that keeps people from getting into them, we want to tell you about every single book on our shelves.

We carry a wide selection of books, with the store itself comprised mainly of Graphic Novels and Collected editions. All of the classics are here, Watchmen, The Dark Knight Returns, Bone, Civil War, Blankets, as well as the newest and greatest works that the comics medium has to offer! The best part is we price our books at the US Price! This means you pay sometimes up to $15 less than the Canadian cover price!!

While the store itself focuses on mainly hardcover and softcover collections, The 4th Wall caters to the single issue reader as well. Through our online system Comic Pull you can view all of the newest issues available, and create a customized list of books you would like on a monthly basis. You never have to worry about missing an issue or tracking something down again! You can manage the whole thing from home, and the best part is when you sign up at Comicpull.com, you get 25% off of your list**! It’s that easy to get your comics, and save a little cash doing it!

Also unique to our store is our extensive webcomics section. No other store has the variety or volume of webcomic books that we do at The 4th Wall. Least I Could Do, Looking For Group, No Reason, PVP, and Ctrl Atl Del are are just a few of the titles that you can find, with more being added every week!

If you are a longtime comics reader, or someone who’s interested in becoming a comics reader, The 4th Wall is the place for you! There is something on our shelves for everyone, and if there’s something you would like special orders are no problem!

Come check us out! The bearded gentleman behind the counter is the man they call Moss, and in spite of the rumors, he does not bite and is actually quite pleasant. Seriously.

Meet The Crew!
Moss – General Manager

About Moss:
While most kids spend their days dreaming of being firemen or astronauts, Jeff Moss was firmly holed up in his room with a stack of comic books, shying away from natural light. Jeff co-founded No Reason Comics with Dan Simon in 2006 as a way to get all the comic book groupies. Crushed when he found out they didn’t exist, Jeff turned his attention to his second love, radio. Along with Donnie Coulter, he started The Watchtower Podcast in 2007. In 2009 The Watchtower broke free of the internet and was broadcast on Newstalk 1010 in Toronto, the country’s biggest talk station! The Watchtower updates with a new episode every week, and is a great way to get to know the comic book world. In a vain attempt to replace people with things, Jeff lives in Montreal, Canada with his Transformers and spends his free time wondering what to do with his free time.

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Bee – Part-Time Counter Staff/Executive Assistant To The Vice-President, Intergalactic Studies & Retail Management

About Bee:
An accomplished artist herself, Bee comes to us originally from the mysterious land of Britain. Her hobbies include art and punching things, and her skills with a label-maker are unmatched. Don’t let her feisty demeanor fool you, either. When it comes to comics, this girl knows her stuff!

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Marc – Part-Time Counter Staff/Hand-To-Hand Comic Expert

About Marc:
Fighting his way up from the school of Hard Knocks, Marc brings with him a PHD in Comics. His love of the medium knows no bounds and gives him a lethal edge over his opponents. Don’t let his jovial mannerisms confuse you. With one quick flick of the wrist, he’ll fire Batman recommendations at you like a howitzer!

Beta-mus Prime – Fish

About Beta-mus:
Sadly, Beta-mus Prime has gone to the great fishbowl in the sky. in lieu of flowers, please hug a fish.

He’s a fish. A Fighting Fish to be exact. He doesn’t say much and likes to chill on the rocks at the bottom of his bowl. He’s a good fish.

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**25% applies to pickup orders only. Shipped orders are discounted at 15%

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