Another day, another story!

Hi guys! Bee here, reporting in from the west island location! Which you are more than welcome to come check out if you live too far west to drop into the new store on Queen Mary!

Anyway, I thought I’d keep you all up to date on my adventures in the DC52 world. Any of you that have been keeping up with this will know that it’s all very hit and miss, in my opinion there are only two ends of the spectrum – meh and fantastic.  There are a few titles that I’ve latched on to and have decided to follow through for…well forever.

The first of these being Swamp Thing. Now, I know Swamp Thing isn’t every one’s cup of tea (which is funny because I’m from the English land) but so far I’ve enjoyed it a lot. I think the idea of Swamp Thing itself is fantastic, it doesn’t overwhelm us with tree-hugger-hippy-lovey-dovey-ness, but it gives the forest a voice. Intriguing eh? Read it if you want to understand what I mean by that.

My next big favorite is Wonder Woman, I mean, who doesn’t love a kick-ass Amazon? So far from what I’ve read, she hasn’t been that cliche female super hero who runs around in her underwear just for sex appeal. Don’t get me wrong, women running around in their underwear can be great, but I like that she’s feisty too. I’m actually really looking forward to the next issue.

My other two big favourites from the 52 are Superboy and Supergirl. Anyone who has ever been a Pokemon fan will understand why I instantly fell in love with Superboy, it was super well done and brought me a strange feel of nostalgia at the same time. Supergirl on the other hand, I fell in love with because she’s not just a teenage girl waiting for Superman to give her orders. She’s feisty with an attitude and I love that. And I love how the story is more about her than the whole super collective. Definitely worth a read.

Other titles worth grabbing if you get a chance would be Aquaman (they managed to make him cool again, not an easy task), Action comics, Detective Comics and the Justice League international. All titles that I really enjoyed too!

Anyway, back to looking after the store! Like I said, feel free to drop by – I can help you out with any questions you might have and it’s always nice to see new faces!

Until later,