Arkham City Lockdown and Other Superpowered Mobile Games

Hi again, everyone! First off, I feel I should let everybody know that Batman: Arkham City Lockdown (iOS, Universal) is currently on sale for 2.99.

If you have any love for Batman whatsoever I implore you to grab this while it’s marked down from its original 5.99 price point. It plays a lot like the famed Infinity Blade (another iOS great) and serves as a prequel to Batman: Arkham City. Did I mention that it’s by the same developers who made the most recent Mortal Kombat?

The inmates of Arkham have escaped -again- and it’s up to Batman to put them in their place. How? By going around and beating the snot out of them, one by one, of course. With every battle you’ll gain XP to upgrade your gadgets and combat abilities. You can even play dress-up with Batman with extra costumes. Running around punching dudes just isn’t the same unless you can look fabulous at the same time.

So, not only does the game  look fantastic, but the boss battles in this game are some of the best I’ve seen from any mobile game. I won’t give away just how they play out, but they’re something special.

If you still can’t get enough of the world of Batman: Arkham City, feel free to drop by our East or West locations for the Arkham City graphic novel. It’ll help fill in even more of the story leading up towards the events of the hit console title while being an awesome Batman adventure in it’s own right.

For a similar story you can even pick-up the Batman: No Man’s Land trade paperback. After an earthquake has caused an evacuation of Gotham’s citizens all of the villains and gangs lay claim to the abandoned city. Batman works with Commissioner Gordon to reclaim the city after Bruce Wayne attempted (and failed) to not have the city cut off. Already seems a lot like the plot for Arkham City, no?

Back to the gaming front, did you know that there are even more fantastic comic-book themed/superhero mobile games out there? Here are some you should definitely be checking out:

  1. Ultimate Spider-Man: Total Mayhem (iPhone/iTouch, iPad, Android) Positively one of the best Spider-Man games that currently exists. A unique story and classic villains combine with the design of the Ultimate universe to create an action/brawler that I could not put down until the very end.
  2. ZDAY Survival Simulator (iOS, Universal) Wonder how you’d fare in a zombie universe not so unlike that of The Walking Dead? Try your hand at a zombie survival game that resembles the old-school “choose your own adventure” books of the 90s.
  3. Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty (iOS, Universal) In the essence of the “runner” style of games, control Captain America as he charges through the Red Skulls fortress to rescue his captured comrades.
  4. Thor: Son of Asgard (iOS, Universal) Control Thor in an original story and protect Asgard from an invasion. For a game in the style of Hero of Sparta (which itself is a God of War clone), it provides a solid hammer-bashing experience on the go.
  5. Superman (iPhone/iTouch, iPad) Fly around the city as the Man of Steel and combat threats as they’re thrown at you. With an original story and action aplenty, Superman fans are sure to get their fill.