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Writing on The Wall: June 2013 Edition

13th June

Wow, been a while since I did this! I guess I’ll have to get a new picture for these posts, huh?

At any rate, I’m happy to report that the dust has settled, the shelves are up and the art is on the wall in our new home at 8364 Rue Labarre in Montreal.

It’s been an undertaking to get it all put together, but I’m happy to say it’s going well and starting to feel like home. We’ve seen a lot of old friends and new faces since we moved and I’d like to extend a hearty “Thank You” to all who have visited!

So what now? Well, I’d like to give back a bit to those who’ve supported us through the move, the only way I know how: With Free Stuff!

I’m happy to announce that every week The … Read More »

New blog pannel, Devin knows best… well, most of the time!

Hey everybody. As you might know (and if not you will now!), I’m the new guy at the store of awesomeness, the 4th Wall! I’ve been surrounded by comics, superheroes, sci-fi, and the world of geekerry (which I am proud to be myself!) my entire life.

Because I am ancient in this world (well according to most fellow class mates in school and co-workers, lol!), and because of my experiences in life, I am a natural critic. I love to debate and argue about movies, comics, TV series, the newest toys, places, food/beverages, and society. My intentions for this new blog of mine is to review current affairs in relations to selected topics and give you the scoop if I give it (in order from best to worst) the F*%k yeah!, the meh, the kick in the ass, or the punch to the … Read More »

Indie Comic Corner: The Manhattan Projects

9th September

A good sunday to you comics-fans! I’m here to once again bring back Indie Comic Corner, to enlighten you on another interesting series that you may not have heard about! This installement is about The Manhattan Projects, a science fiction/history book written by Jonathan Hickman and drawn by Nick Piterra. It follows the “true” story of the scientists who worked on The Manhattan Project. While we think that the Manhattan Project was simply the Atomic Bomb, there is much more involved in this secret government science facility. Hence, the s in Manhattan Projects. The series follows Oppenheimer, Einstein, Fermi and Fynman but not as you would expect them to be.

What Hickman does in this series is take everything we know about the history surrounding the Manhattan Project, as well as the people, and change it drastically. … Read More »

After Year One

30th August

Comics-fans, Zero month is nearly upon us.

“But, what’s Zero Month?” you ask. Well dear reader, Zero Month is September, to put it simply. You see, if you’ve been reading comics for the past year, you most certainly know about DC Comics’ New 52 project. BUT, for those of you who’ve been living sad comics-less lives, I shall explain. A year ago, DC started the New 52 as an attempt to start over. They dumped many years worth of continuity (except for people like Batman and Green Lantern) and started all of their books over at Issue #1 with brand new stories, costumes and a brand new universe. This project on the whole was largely successful except for a few minor cancellations and hiccups (you can read that as Rob Liefeld losing his mind if you like, it keeps things interesting).

“That’s … Read More »

Which Watchman Should You Watch?

26th August

Hey comics fans!

For those of you who don’t know, Before Watchmen has officially been underway for about 3 months now. This past week has seen the final first issue released meaning that each series under the Before Watchmen banner has officially started! Now obviously it is expensive and laborious to pick up every issue of every title of every Before Watchmen book, which is exactly why I’m here to give you some insight on which books you should be picking up right now and which ones you can wait to check out once they’ve been publish in trade paperback.


Minutemen: I was excited for this book when they first announced it. I’m a huge fan of Darwyn Cooke’s work at DC, especially his Justice League New Frontier books. His work continues to be phenomenal with this book which I can … Read More »

See The Dark Knight Rise… On Us!

9th July

We’ve had Avengers… we’ve had Spider-Man… but the biggest movie of the summer is on it’s way July 20th: The Dark Knight Rises!

And we at The 4th Wall are so excited that we want you to go see it at the Kirkland Colisee, on us!

We have 6 passes to give away and all you have to do is play our little Dark Knight Rises Game:

1. Come into the store and ask for one of five clues.
2. If you can follow the clue it will lead you to The Riddler!
3. If you can answer his riddle, you win a pass to see The Dark Knight Rises!

It’s as simple as that! So come one, come all and see The Dark Knight Rises!

-1 try per visit.
-You can win up to 2 passes.
-While supplies last.
-No purchase necessary.

Indie Comic Corner: Kill Shakespeare

27th June

Everyone has a book that they loved/hated in high school that they were forced to read. There’s the standard fair of Lord of The Flies, The Great Gatsby, Great Expectations and A Tale of Two Cities. Personally, I hated Pride and Prejudice, with a passion normally reserved for loving Batman. There’s one author who is most reviled and revered, however, in the world of high school literature. William Shakespeare is a literary figure who polarizes most of the english speaking world. Some people love his work, maybe going on to study Shakespeare for a living, while others very much despise his work and the archaic language. I think the kind of people who make up the group of people who dislike Shakespeare can be separated into two types: teenagers who have been forced to read his work, and people … Read More »

Walking Dead #100 With The 4th Wall

22nd June

We do love Milestone Issues here at The 4th Wall, and one of the most talked about issues of the last few years is Issue #100 of The Walking Dead. So, to celebrate this landmark issue, we want to talk to you about it while you eat!

On July 11th, eat a light breakfast because The 4th Wall is pleased to host a Walking Dead Buffet to celebrate issue #100!

We will have Eyeball Pasta Salad, “Finger” Food and Brain Cupcakes for dessert! The party will start at 12pm and last as long as the food and comics hold out!

Image and Skybound are going all out as well, offering several variant covers by some of the biggest names in comics as well as a sure to be coveted Chromium edition!

So join us for a bit of food and fun as we answer … Read More »

When Gotham is ashes, you have my permission to die.

20th June

This blog post is just a reminder that The Dark Knight Rises comes out in exactly a month.




What? Well I guess you’re right I should probably write a little more!

Last month around this time, our very own Jeff Moss wrote a post about Thanos, to give everyone the info they needed to learn about this character who has recently seen a rise in mainstream popularity. You know which other character has recently seen a giant spike in public interest? Bane! Now seeing as I’m a resident Bat-Expert (it’s a real field, I have a degree, I’ll show it to you sometime) and because we at The 4th Wall strive to give our fans/public/readers everything they need and want, I’ve decided to give you this little amuse-bouche of this excellent character.

So who is … Read More »

So… Who WAS That Dude…?

17th May


Catching Up With Marc!

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