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Big News From The 4th Wall!

15th April

Free Comic Book Day is coming up fast, the day that is reserved for the celebration of all things Comics, fun, excitement and of course FREE STUFF!

This year’s Free Comic Book Day at The 4th Wall will be even more special because I’d like to announce that it is going to be our last at 940 St Jean Blvd.

Yes, that’s right, The 4th Wall is moving.

As of May 15th, 2013, we will be all set to go in our brand new, custom designed space at 8364 Labarre (H4P 2E7) in Montreal, just South of the 40, East of Decarie and right next to De La Savane Metro.

It has been an extraordinary thing to have spent the last few years in Pointe-Claire, getting to know the community and the great comic book fans in the area. Giving West … Read More »

Girls Night at The 4th Wall – Nov 15, 2012

22nd October

As a girl in Geek Culture I can understand how hard it can be to find other women that enjoy the same things as you do. There is an unspoken bond between us comic book girls that forms as soon as we meet one another. The problem is, opportunities to find other women who love Batgirl, or the Hulk as much as you can be few and far between.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a fun, safe environment to bond with other women about a love for comics? This is why I would like to happily invite you to the very first Girls Night at The 4th Wall.

Much like a book club, this will be an evening that gives you a chance to bond with other women about comics and geek culture, listen to recommendations and learn about books … Read More »

Devin Knows Best… Well most of the time, at Montreal Comic Con

17th September

This weeks edition I will be talking a bit about this years Montreal Comic Con where I practically lived all weekend so I can provide you some feedback not only from myself, but some vendors and some of the other people who attended as well.

As you all know, this years Con was held at Palais Des Congrès instead of last year which was at Place Bonaventure. After last years disaster at Bonaventure which resulted in lack of space, over crowding, over selling of tickets (that also meant denying people entry even after purchase with no refunds), poor organisation, and all in all just a horrible experience for the fans, this years location solved these problems. The Palais offered a much lager show room which gave the space for people to move around (well as best as they could like in any … Read More »

New blog pannel, Devin knows best… well, most of the time!

Hey everybody. As you might know (and if not you will now!), I’m the new guy at the store of awesomeness, the 4th Wall! I’ve been surrounded by comics, superheroes, sci-fi, and the world of geekerry (which I am proud to be myself!) my entire life.

Because I am ancient in this world (well according to most fellow class mates in school and co-workers, lol!), and because of my experiences in life, I am a natural critic. I love to debate and argue about movies, comics, TV series, the newest toys, places, food/beverages, and society. My intentions for this new blog of mine is to review current affairs in relations to selected topics and give you the scoop if I give it (in order from best to worst) the F*%k yeah!, the meh, the kick in the ass, or the punch to the … Read More »

After Year One

30th August

Comics-fans, Zero month is nearly upon us.

“But, what’s Zero Month?” you ask. Well dear reader, Zero Month is September, to put it simply. You see, if you’ve been reading comics for the past year, you most certainly know about DC Comics’ New 52 project. BUT, for those of you who’ve been living sad comics-less lives, I shall explain. A year ago, DC started the New 52 as an attempt to start over. They dumped many years worth of continuity (except for people like Batman and Green Lantern) and started all of their books over at Issue #1 with brand new stories, costumes and a brand new universe. This project on the whole was largely successful except for a few minor cancellations and hiccups (you can read that as Rob Liefeld losing his mind if you like, it keeps things interesting).

“That’s … Read More »

Read Comics In Public – All August!

3rd August

Did you know that August 28th is Read Comics In Public Day?

It’s a day of comics pride as people are encouraged to get out there and well, read comics in public! On the bus, in the park, the mall, the gym, the coffee shop, the doctor’s office, wherever you go, take some comics!

Well we figured that just one day wasn’t enough for an event that cool, so all August long to get you ready for this big event, we happily present our first Back Issue Yard Sale!

Now is the perfect time to get caught up with issues of:

DC’s New 52, the Marvel Universe, Dark Horse, IDW, Image, Vertigo, Dynamite, Spider-Man, Batman, Avengers, Justice League, Superman, Wonder Woman, Dr Who, Captain America, Thor, Buffy, Chew, and lots, lots more!

Singles, Complete sets and the best part is, you can get these issues … Read More »

See The Dark Knight Rise… On Us!

9th July

We’ve had Avengers… we’ve had Spider-Man… but the biggest movie of the summer is on it’s way July 20th: The Dark Knight Rises!

And we at The 4th Wall are so excited that we want you to go see it at the Kirkland Colisee, on us!

We have 6 passes to give away and all you have to do is play our little Dark Knight Rises Game:

1. Come into the store and ask for one of five clues.
2. If you can follow the clue it will lead you to The Riddler!
3. If you can answer his riddle, you win a pass to see The Dark Knight Rises!

It’s as simple as that! So come one, come all and see The Dark Knight Rises!

-1 try per visit.
-You can win up to 2 passes.
-While supplies last.
-No purchase necessary.

Walking Dead #100 With The 4th Wall

22nd June

We do love Milestone Issues here at The 4th Wall, and one of the most talked about issues of the last few years is Issue #100 of The Walking Dead. So, to celebrate this landmark issue, we want to talk to you about it while you eat!

On July 11th, eat a light breakfast because The 4th Wall is pleased to host a Walking Dead Buffet to celebrate issue #100!

We will have Eyeball Pasta Salad, “Finger” Food and Brain Cupcakes for dessert! The party will start at 12pm and last as long as the food and comics hold out!

Image and Skybound are going all out as well, offering several variant covers by some of the biggest names in comics as well as a sure to be coveted Chromium edition!

So join us for a bit of food and fun as we answer … Read More »

Take The Bad News With The Good

7th May

Sometimes in life, things happen.

If you’re really lucky though, the disappointing things happen around the same time as something good and it balances it out in the end.

I sort of feel that way right now because, with a disappointed heart I have to announce that the Nerdy Little Secret comedy show that we had planned for May 13th at the Comedy Nest has been cancelled. The circumstances were unfortunately well beyond our control and in the end, we’ve got to put it to rest.

One thing that I have always been very proud of about The 4th Wall is we take the shots. If there is a chance to reach out and connect with the community around us in a way that’s exciting and fun, we want to try it. So with that said, be sure that there will be … Read More »

DC’s Second Wave

2nd May

Comic-fans, it’s been nearly one year since DC’s widely controversial re-launching of its entire line of comics. There have been great successes (Batman, Aquaman, Justice League, Animal Man, etc.) and there have been some not so great books (the six cancelled titles for example). But DC did not plan to just cancel a bunch of series and just not do anything about it. No sir/madam, they planned a “second wave” of comics! This week, I picked up three of this new wave. the three that most interested me, and here’s a little review of these handful of titles.

Earth 2 #1: This is a book that is probably going to surprise a lot of people. It’s very different from what we see in the regular DC “continuity” at this particular time. Much like the Justice League series, this jumps right into … Read More »

Catching Up With Marc!

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