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Catching Up With Marc!

4th October

Jeez, it’s been awhile huh? You know how life gets, you got things to do, places to be, and the little things fall through the cracks… wow that was way more depressing than anticipated. Time to bring back the energy. LET’S TALK ABOUT COMICS THEN SHALL WE?

This post is basically a little bit of house-keeping to make up for all the news I haven’t been able to comment on, and god have I desperately wanted to comment on these things. I’ll just run through the big stuff and give my opinion so that the next post can be on something more current, and not heavily discussed already!


I know everyone and their dog has had a comment about this, mostly negative, but honestly, I’ve decided to take the very unpopular stance of “wait and see”. The way things … Read More »

Big News From The 4th Wall!

15th April

Free Comic Book Day is coming up fast, the day that is reserved for the celebration of all things Comics, fun, excitement and of course FREE STUFF!

This year’s Free Comic Book Day at The 4th Wall will be even more special because I’d like to announce that it is going to be our last at 940 St Jean Blvd.

Yes, that’s right, The 4th Wall is moving.

As of May 15th, 2013, we will be all set to go in our brand new, custom designed space at 8364 Labarre (H4P 2E7) in Montreal, just South of the 40, East of Decarie and right next to De La Savane Metro.

It has been an extraordinary thing to have spent the last few years in Pointe-Claire, getting to know the community and the great comic book fans in the area. Giving West … Read More »

Something for Everypony Here!

29th November

I want to preface this with some information for all of you. I consider myself something of a pop-culturist. I like to immerse myself in all that is new and exciting in pop culture. I like to try all that I can, no matter how weird or out of the ordinary it sounds. I read the first book of Twilight and saw some of the movies because I wanted to just know about it, and didn’t feel right mocking something I knew nothing of. I like Godzilla, I like Mega Man X and I love Batman. It’s this trait that I think makes me a good “nerd”. I’ll try anything at least once whether it be comics or movies or whatever and this gives me a database of knowledge about pop culture that I pride myself on. I guess I’m … Read More »

Keep The A–holes Where They Belong: Behind Us

5th September

Over the last week or so, there has been a lot said in the comics world about abusive, aggressive and downright scary trolling.

Many women in the industry have been under assault from a clearly unbalanced man, some for years now. I won’t go into detail about his tweets and messages, but you can read about the story here.

Which Watchman Should You Watch?

26th August

Hey comics fans!

For those of you who don’t know, Before Watchmen has officially been underway for about 3 months now. This past week has seen the final first issue released meaning that each series under the Before Watchmen banner has officially started! Now obviously it is expensive and laborious to pick up every issue of every title of every Before Watchmen book, which is exactly why I’m here to give you some insight on which books you should be picking up right now and which ones you can wait to check out once they’ve been publish in trade paperback.


Minutemen: I was excited for this book when they first announced it. I’m a huge fan of Darwyn Cooke’s work at DC, especially his Justice League New Frontier books. His work continues to be phenomenal with this book which I can … Read More »

Rise and Defend the Earth on your Phone

3rd August

Helloooo comic fans! Your resident Batmanologist here to steal Justin’s shtick once more and talk to you about some games that have very recently hit the App Store. With the release of The Dark Knight Rises, there was bound to be some tie in material. Gameloft has given us The Dark Knight Rises Mobile Game for iPhone and iPad! And with the new 52′s popularity over the last year, a small company named Netmarble has given us Justice League: Earth’s Final Defense, featuring the current incarnation of the Justice League as its main cast. I recently picked up both of these from the App Store and gave them a go because I’m dedicated to letting you guys know about the coolest stuff (also I really like videogames, especially those featuring Batman, but all that other stuff was totally true!).

The Dark … Read More »

Come Join us!

1st August


It’s that time again, and with the fall coming up we’re looking to once again dip into the employee market and add to our ever-growing family.

Job Title: Part-Time Retail Worker at The 4th Wall

Job Description:
The qualified individual will be responsible for handling the day-to-day retail operations of The 4th Wall.

Job Responsibilities:
-Serving customers at The 4th Wall
-Handling transactions and cash register duties
-Restocking the shelves when necessary
-Keeping the store neat and clean
-Suggesting and recommending titles to customers
-Some light sorting and processing for ComicPull customers
-Other duties as per the General Manager

The candidate should have the following skills:
-Friendly & Outgoing with a great sense of humour
-Knowledgeable in comics & pop culture.
-Be a motivated, self-starter.
-Good with the public.
-Previous retail experience and a valid drivers license are a plus.

Please note we are looking … Read More »

The face behind the comic – Natalie Nourigat

22nd June

Hi guys!

For this weeks face behind the comic I interviewed the lovely Natalie Nourigat, Artist and writer behind Between Gears, and artist for Oni press and Lerner publishing group. You can visit her webpage  and check out a list of her works. Here’s what she had to say.

1.      What made you want to work with comics?

I’ve always loved to draw, and in middle school I started writing as well.
Comics allow you to do both at once; it’s fantastic!

2.     Between Gears is an autobiographical comic about your last year at
the university of Oregon, what made you decide to do something so personal ?

Mainly I wanted to document my life for my own benefit–I wanted to have a
record I could go back and refer to much later on and remember what it was
like to be 21/22.  I was reading … Read More »

Take The Bad News With The Good

7th May

Sometimes in life, things happen.

If you’re really lucky though, the disappointing things happen around the same time as something good and it balances it out in the end.

I sort of feel that way right now because, with a disappointed heart I have to announce that the Nerdy Little Secret comedy show that we had planned for May 13th at the Comedy Nest has been cancelled. The circumstances were unfortunately well beyond our control and in the end, we’ve got to put it to rest.

One thing that I have always been very proud of about The 4th Wall is we take the shots. If there is a chance to reach out and connect with the community around us in a way that’s exciting and fun, we want to try it. So with that said, be sure that there will be … Read More »

Free Comic Book Day For The Troops

30th April

I wanted to take a moment to shed some light on something we are doing for Free Comic Book Day that has a little bit of meaning behind it.

For those who don’t know, my younger brother has been in the military for pretty much all of his adult life. He has served two tours of duty in Afghanistan and has spent the better part of the last 10 years living out of suitcases as he has been shipped around the country being trained in things that I can’t even begin to understand.

When he returned after his last tour in Afghanistan, I asked him what the biggest challenge for he and his fellow soldiers was while deployed. “Boredom” he quickly responded. “There isn’t a whole lot to do with your spare time and while the care packages people send … Read More »

Catching Up With Marc!

Jeez, it’s been awhile huh? You know how life gets, you got things to do, places to be, and the little things fall through...

Bee’s views on this week in the comic industry

I consider myself incredibly lucky to be in the geek-girl friendly environment that I am, because I know for a fact it’s not as...