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Writing on The Wall: June 2013 Edition

13th June

Wow, been a while since I did this! I guess I’ll have to get a new picture for these posts, huh?

At any rate, I’m happy to report that the dust has settled, the shelves are up and the art is on the wall in our new home at 8364 Rue Labarre in Montreal.

It’s been an undertaking to get it all put together, but I’m happy to say it’s going well and starting to feel like home. We’ve seen a lot of old friends and new faces since we moved and I’d like to extend a hearty “Thank You” to all who have visited!

So what now? Well, I’d like to give back a bit to those who’ve supported us through the move, the only way I know how: With Free Stuff!

I’m happy to announce that every week The … Read More »

May 22nd Is The Big Day!

16th May

Hey Guys!

So, this is it! At 8pm May 15th we closed the doors at the St Jean location and are prepping to spend the next few days moving everything over to our new home at 8364 Labarre.

It’s going to take us a couple of days to get the new place up to snuff so as of May 22nd, we will be all set to go in our brand new, custom designed space at 8364 Labarre (H4P 2E7) in Montreal, just South of the 40, East of Decarie and right next to De La Savane Metro.

The West has been so very good to us, and we can’t thank everyone enough for all the support they’ve given us over the last few years as we tried to build a better mousetrap with our store.

The next phase of that starts now … Read More »

Big News From The 4th Wall!

15th April

Free Comic Book Day is coming up fast, the day that is reserved for the celebration of all things Comics, fun, excitement and of course FREE STUFF!

This year’s Free Comic Book Day at The 4th Wall will be even more special because I’d like to announce that it is going to be our last at 940 St Jean Blvd.

Yes, that’s right, The 4th Wall is moving.

As of May 15th, 2013, we will be all set to go in our brand new, custom designed space at 8364 Labarre (H4P 2E7) in Montreal, just South of the 40, East of Decarie and right next to De La Savane Metro.

It has been an extraordinary thing to have spent the last few years in Pointe-Claire, getting to know the community and the great comic book fans in the area. Giving West … Read More »

Keep The A–holes Where They Belong: Behind Us

5th September

Over the last week or so, there has been a lot said in the comics world about abusive, aggressive and downright scary trolling.

Many women in the industry have been under assault from a clearly unbalanced man, some for years now. I won’t go into detail about his tweets and messages, but you can read about the story here.

Read Comics In Public – All August!

3rd August

Did you know that August 28th is Read Comics In Public Day?

It’s a day of comics pride as people are encouraged to get out there and well, read comics in public! On the bus, in the park, the mall, the gym, the coffee shop, the doctor’s office, wherever you go, take some comics!

Well we figured that just one day wasn’t enough for an event that cool, so all August long to get you ready for this big event, we happily present our first Back Issue Yard Sale!

Now is the perfect time to get caught up with issues of:

DC’s New 52, the Marvel Universe, Dark Horse, IDW, Image, Vertigo, Dynamite, Spider-Man, Batman, Avengers, Justice League, Superman, Wonder Woman, Dr Who, Captain America, Thor, Buffy, Chew, and lots, lots more!

Singles, Complete sets and the best part is, you can get these issues … Read More »

Come Join us!

1st August


It’s that time again, and with the fall coming up we’re looking to once again dip into the employee market and add to our ever-growing family.

Job Title: Part-Time Retail Worker at The 4th Wall

Job Description:
The qualified individual will be responsible for handling the day-to-day retail operations of The 4th Wall.

Job Responsibilities:
-Serving customers at The 4th Wall
-Handling transactions and cash register duties
-Restocking the shelves when necessary
-Keeping the store neat and clean
-Suggesting and recommending titles to customers
-Some light sorting and processing for ComicPull customers
-Other duties as per the General Manager

The candidate should have the following skills:
-Friendly & Outgoing with a great sense of humour
-Knowledgeable in comics & pop culture.
-Be a motivated, self-starter.
-Good with the public.
-Previous retail experience and a valid drivers license are a plus.

Please note we are looking … Read More »

See The Dark Knight Rise… On Us!

9th July

We’ve had Avengers… we’ve had Spider-Man… but the biggest movie of the summer is on it’s way July 20th: The Dark Knight Rises!

And we at The 4th Wall are so excited that we want you to go see it at the Kirkland Colisee, on us!

We have 6 passes to give away and all you have to do is play our little Dark Knight Rises Game:

1. Come into the store and ask for one of five clues.
2. If you can follow the clue it will lead you to The Riddler!
3. If you can answer his riddle, you win a pass to see The Dark Knight Rises!

It’s as simple as that! So come one, come all and see The Dark Knight Rises!

-1 try per visit.
-You can win up to 2 passes.
-While supplies last.
-No purchase necessary.

When Gotham is ashes, you have my permission to die.

20th June

This blog post is just a reminder that The Dark Knight Rises comes out in exactly a month.




What? Well I guess you’re right I should probably write a little more!

Last month around this time, our very own Jeff Moss wrote a post about Thanos, to give everyone the info they needed to learn about this character who has recently seen a rise in mainstream popularity. You know which other character has recently seen a giant spike in public interest? Bane! Now seeing as I’m a resident Bat-Expert (it’s a real field, I have a degree, I’ll show it to you sometime) and because we at The 4th Wall strive to give our fans/public/readers everything they need and want, I’ve decided to give you this little amuse-bouche of this excellent character.

So who is … Read More »

So… Who WAS That Dude…?

17th May


Take The Bad News With The Good

7th May

Sometimes in life, things happen.

If you’re really lucky though, the disappointing things happen around the same time as something good and it balances it out in the end.

I sort of feel that way right now because, with a disappointed heart I have to announce that the Nerdy Little Secret comedy show that we had planned for May 13th at the Comedy Nest has been cancelled. The circumstances were unfortunately well beyond our control and in the end, we’ve got to put it to rest.

One thing that I have always been very proud of about The 4th Wall is we take the shots. If there is a chance to reach out and connect with the community around us in a way that’s exciting and fun, we want to try it. So with that said, be sure that there will be … Read More »

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