A New Spidey (Collection) Emerges!

Hey there, web-slinger aficionados! Have you been keeping up to date with your Ultimate Spider-Man? No? GASP! Honestly, I’m quite shocked if you haven’t considering it’s one of the most critically acclaimed comic series out there – and one of my personal favourites. You may be asking why I’m even bringing up  this series, as…Read moreRead more

Classics: Marvels

Good day, comic-fans! We like to review anything new and exciting that catches our eyes. But our interest doesn’t stop there, no sir! We can recommend any of the classics to you in a heartbeat. Following in that sentiment, I’d like to review something of a classic for you good people. A simple opinion on…Read moreRead more

Much ado about pleasant surprises

I love being surprised by media that comes out of nowhere. Whether you discover something that’s been around for a long time, or that’s just come out -but you didn’t know about it- there’s always that same reaction: “How did I not know about this!?” That’s exactly how I felt yesterday when I saw the…Read moreRead more

The Year of the Superhero

Hey there comic fans! You know what’s more awesome than comics? Nothing. But what comes to a close second? Movies, and even better superhero movies! That’s what we’re going to talk about today, the comic book movies you should know about and be excited for hitting us in the good ol’ 2012! The list may seem short,…Read moreRead more

DC’s New 52: The Collected Edition

The buzz about DC’s New 52 speaks for itself. People are loving the new takes on classic characters and issues are flying out of the store as fast as we can get them! But what about the percentage of readers who aren’t “Wednesday Warriors” and prefer to wait for the collected editions? Well, the wait…Read moreRead more

Arkham City Lockdown and Other Superpowered Mobile Games

Hi again, everyone! First off, I feel I should let everybody know that Batman: Arkham City Lockdown (iOS, Universal) is currently on sale for 2.99. If you have any love for Batman whatsoever I implore you to grab this while it’s marked down from its original 5.99 price point. It plays a lot like the famed…Read moreRead more

Darkness Ascends

Ok, so I got your attention, I hope, with the title. So time to dismantle the lie, there is no real darkness ascending onto our store BUT it kind of is ascending on our partner store, Gamers’ Vault, on Queen Marry. They are  hosting a special event this weekend (Both Saturday and Sunday). Gamers’ will be having a…Read moreRead more

Something a little new!

Hi guys! As I believe most of you know, or at least a lot of you know, there’s a new Fables spin-off coming out in March. If you’re anything like myself, and absolutely loved Fables and have read all the spin-off, you’re probably just as excited as me. For those of you who haven’t read…Read moreRead more

Starting Points

Happy day after Hallowe’en, everyone. Hope you all made sure to saturate your gullet with as much sugar as your mortal bloodstream could handle! I know I did. What with being a big time university student at all, I find myself spending more time reading dreary, dusty authors talk about the public sphere and cybernetics…Read moreRead more

Another day, another story!

Hi guys! Bee here, reporting in from the west island location! Which you are more than welcome to come check out if you live too far west to drop into the new store on Queen Mary! Anyway, I thought I’d keep you all up to date on my adventures in the DC52 world. Any of…Read moreRead more