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Fred Reads Comics! Week of January 2nd

3rd January

Daredevil End of Days #4

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Daredevil End of Days #3 review here.

I don’t know how this book does it but I end up so excited after every issue. Sometimes it’s a low hum of tension because the story is so dark and taut, sometimes it’s full on jittery nerves. Every issue leaves me feeling something new. I know a lot of it is that impatient anticipation you get as you wait for something to play out. With each chapter, the reader and Urich find more clues and more information that’s seemingly unrelated, but still feels important. There’s a sense of something far greater at play here that we just haven’t stumbled upon yet. The story takes us to new places with sometimes familiar characters involved but … Read More »

Fred Reads Comics! Week of December 19th

20th December

Saga #8

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Fiona Staples’ art is so iconic in this series, but lets talk about the covers for a minute. Not only is the art stunning, the background colour wraps all the way around to the back, a welcome change from most ad plastered books on the shelf. It’s a simple touch becoming more common again outside of the big two’s books and it really makes single issues feel less disposable somehow. That may prove to be a smart move as many consumers are skipping single issues and going straight to buying graphic novels.

Issue #8 jumps the timeline for the first few pages, going back to tell the story of how Alana and Marko first met. It’s suitably romantic, despite a bit of violence, but … Read More »

Fred Reads Comics! Week of December 12th

13th December

Batman #15

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I’ve been really excited about reading this issue. #14 was spectacular and the scenario Scott Snyder has set up with the Joker makes the term “tense” seem like spending the day with a box full of kittens. The first page of issue #15 ramps up the tension even more as Batman talks himself down from the psychological ledge the Joker’s put him on. The scientific dissection of how the Joker’s pupil reactions simply don’t behave the same way as any other criminal– or human for that matter– pinpoints just how far outside the realm of normalcy the Joker really is. At the end of the day, he’s still a mad man but this atypical unconscious biological response differentiates him on an anatomical level, something that’s hard to ignore when you’re trying … Read More »

A DKB Must Have Graphic Novel

7th December

Look no further, a great graphic novel for you (well depending on your type of read) has just arrived at The 4th Wall this week!

Yes my friends, a wonderful, color full, very funny, and violent as hell 8 issue comic series has finally been made into a hard cover graphic novel which is Butcher Baker, The Righteous Maker. This series was done by Joe Casey and Mike Huddleston who had great chemistry in creating this series, and released by Image Comics who do a great job entertaining the bigger boys and girls!

Now, about the story. What can I say, this series has bit of evreything! From a semi-retired mercianry with a severe attitude problem who would pretty much pull the plug on anybody if it would mean that he would be left alone to enjoy his booze and strippers, violent road rage, lots … Read More »

Fred Reads Comics! Week of December 5th

6th December

Daredevil End of Days #3

Daredevil End of Days #1 review here.
Daredevil End of Days #2 review here.

Before I even begin to discuss the story in this book, I need to gush over the art. There are so many incredibly talented people working on this book. Let’s start with the covers. Alex Maleev’s cover with Elektra and two baffled looking cops (who look remarkably like the book’s authors) is stunning, though it doesn’t seem to have much to do with the story. David Mack’s variant is beautiful as well, a mourning Elektra at Daredevil’s grave. The interior art makes just as much impact, with a splash page by Bill Sienkiewicz starting off the issue and several more by Mack throughout. They’re unique and set the tone for these flashback or emotional memories outside the current narrative with Ben … Read More »

Something for Everypony Here!

29th November

I want to preface this with some information for all of you. I consider myself something of a pop-culturist. I like to immerse myself in all that is new and exciting in pop culture. I like to try all that I can, no matter how weird or out of the ordinary it sounds. I read the first book of Twilight and saw some of the movies because I wanted to just know about it, and didn’t feel right mocking something I knew nothing of. I like Godzilla, I like Mega Man X and I love Batman. It’s this trait that I think makes me a good “nerd”. I’ll try anything at least once whether it be comics or movies or whatever and this gives me a database of knowledge about pop culture that I pride myself on. I guess I’m … Read More »

Fred Reads Comics! Week of November 28th

29th November

All New X-Men #2

All New X-Men #1 review here.

Though the first issue of All New X-Men didn’t blow my mind like I’d hoped, I thought the concept was interesting enough to continue reading. Issue 2 stepped up and then raised the bar. I didn’t expect the level of nostalgia and pure emotion that this book contained and evoked from reading it. The future that the X-Men have both created and tried to prevent is a harrowing bomb Hank drops on these naive kids at the beginning of their mutant hero careers. Their interaction with him as they struggle to come to terms with the concept of Scott being a mutant terrorist, never mind everything else that’s changed (e.g. Jean and The Professor being dead), was so heartbreaking. You don’t realize how much has changed and how far they’ve come … Read More »

Fred Reads Comics! Week of November 21st

22nd November

Daredevil #20

Mark Waid managed to take a character that I have never found that interesting and turn him into a hero with depth, cockiness and interesting adventures, whether he’s fighting villains as Daredevil or trying to keep his personal life in check as Matt Murdock. Waid’s run on DD has been a roller coaster but still grounded in Murdock’s world so it isn’t just about the mask, it’s about the person as a whole and what all the moving parts in his life mean to him. It’s been refreshing, more than a little ridiculous at times while still being really interesting and different from every other book out there. It’s easy to focus on the hero or villain and lose sight of the rest of the world they’re trying to live in day to day.

I wasn’t planning on reviewing … Read More »

DKB at the Movies!

15th November

WARNING!!!!!! This may contain spoilers and nudity!

Hello once again people to another much anticipated for, a DKB review panel! I apologize for the wait but, yeah, you know….

This review will be about the most recent movie that I was finally able to attend too (when or if you have two babies home, you either or will understand!), the recent James Bond flick, Skyfall. This newest addition to the collection would have to be one of the best Bond films too date. The movie has everything you want from a Bond flick from great action, hot women, and an amazing new theme song for Skyfall performed by Adele that keeps the traditional style of the Bond music genera (The official music video will be at the bottom of the review). We also cannot forget the awesome performance of Daniel Graig’s portray of 007, with his suaveness around the … Read More »

Fred Reads Comics! Week of November 14th

14th November

Batman #14

Scott Snyder is not f**king around with the Death of the Family Batman event. The reappearance of the Joker in issue #13 was chilling and ended with Alfred being abducted. That hit close to home which is the point of DotF. The Joker has always been a chaotic evil force but since his return, he’s become more methodical than ever. There’s always a method to his madness but as issue #14 proves, he’s planned out every detail this time. He’s covering all the possibilities as he recreates key moments in his history with Batman with even deadlier results than the first time around. It’s really frightening and is already shaping up to be a quintessential Joker story arc.

I don’t want to spoil the plot much so I’ll focus on a few key things. There’s a moment in issue #14 … Read More »

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