“Come on, I don’t belong up here, fighting monsters and supervillains. I just help the little guy”

Hey comic fans!

Its about that time of year that studios start shopping around for the next big thing for the fall. You’re probably asking yourselves “But Marc, you handsome devil, what does this have to do with comics?” and to that I respond “Thank you for the compliment, but damn you are impatient!” Well folks, it seems like superheroes are making the rounds for television once again, and this time we’ve lucked out.

The CW has signed the order on a pilot for a new series called Arrow. This new series will be starring Green Arrow, but perhaps not the Arrow you’re familiar with. Over at Spinoff Online, there have been some stirrings. Details regarding this new pilot reveal that the general elements of the show will be similar to the source material but not entirely the same. I’ve spotted a few myself, for one thing I’m not entirely sure that Oliver’s mom would still be around once he’s come back from his island life, nor do I remember a sister! However,I’m not saying that these new elements will do anything to hurt the show at all! I’m personally just glad that the description of Green Arrow/Oliver Queen seems to do justice to the character. Sounds much better than the more Tony Stark-like GA we’ve been given by the New 52 (I went with the first three issues but I just couldn’t stay with it, he was no longer the man I once knew *stare longly out the window*).

All in all these series shows a lot of promise and I’m personally excited. The team working on it seems fairly solid (the screenwriters having worked on Green Lantern and the director having done the pilot for Smallville and having worked on Game of Thrones!). Granted like any comic book fan I’ve got some things that I’ll need to see and wait for before getting too excited A goatee, a decent looking costume, and at least one punching glove arrow (used either seriously or as a gag!). But only the future will tell, as its to soon to even tell if the pilot will see the light of day (ala Wonder Woman from NBC).

Until next time comic fans, happy reading!