Comics 101 day

Have you always liked comics, but never really knew enough about them?

Did you love Captain America or another one of this summer’s blockbuster movies, but don’t know where to begin reading with the books?

Are you looking for a special or different holiday gift for someone you love that’s entertaining, but not the usual media like DVD’s or Video Games?

We will be providing a full day of programming with numerous guests and staff members on hand to answer all your questions about comics like:

How do Comics work and where do I begin? Do I have to read everything?
If I introduce a loved one to comics, how will they know what’s going on?
What’s the difference between a book and a graphic novel?
What about Online and digital comics?

Plus, we will be giving away FREE comics* to get you even more excited about the fun and entertaining stories that we love, and that we know you will too!