Q – I didn’t know you guys were here!
A – That’s OK, we moved! Welcome! Tell two more people about us, and soon everyone will know!

Q – How long have you been open?
A – Since about noon. The store, however, opened for business in October 2009.

Q – How’s business?
A – Great! But enough about us, how’re you?

Q – How do comics work?
A – Most comic books are published in single-issue form once a month. After a certain number of issues, or the conclusion of a story, the publishers will then put out a collected edition, or Graphic Novel. These usually come out in hardcover first, with a softcover version a few months later. Many people like to wait for the collected editions because it provides a more complete story, with minimal advertising and nicer paper. Think of it like a TV show: you can watch each individual episode as it’s released, or you can wait for the DVD box set at the end of the season.

Q – Where should I start?
A – Wherever you like! The best part thing about comics is that there are no limits on subject matter, story, or character. If you can imagine it, it can be a comic. So when it comes to starting, ask yourself one simple question: What do I like? From there it’s easy for our staff to direct you to a comic or graphic novel that suits your tastes and will get you excited about the medium!

Q – Do I have to know everything about the last 80 years of comics to understand what’s going on?
A – Absolutely not. Most characters and books have about a 10-year cycle where the “universe” of the character gets made over. This is how characters that have been around for so long (80 years in some cases) can remain fresh, and relevant. There are many natural starting places for anyone looking into comics, and our staff is more than happy to show you where to begin! Don’t be intimidated by the sheer number of books available. Most of them are stand-alone stories that can be read without any pre-existing knowledge, aside from the basics. When it comes to series, we do our best to make sure we have Volume One of any given series in stock whenever possible to ensure you can start right from the beginning. There are also handy recap pages to bring you up to speed in most books, and at the very least, Google is a great resource!

Q – Do you have French/International comics?
A – Right now, most of our stock is English and North American. We are working to find distributors to work with to get French and international comics into the the store though.

Q – Did you know that comics used to cost Ten cents?
A – Yes. They don’t anymore. Most single issues cost between $2.99-$4.99. This price comes down though once you start subscribing through ComicPull.

Q – What is ComicPull?
A – ComicPull is a system that we have built that allows you to see all the new single issue comics that are coming out, and create a custom list of what you want. We then order your list for you, and as the books are released we can ship them to you, or you can pick them up in the store. For more info on ComicPull, click here.

Q – Can I pick up my books anytime I want?
A – Absolutely! Our new location doubles as our ComicPull facility so the pull boxes are always filled up with the rich, gooey, comicy goodness you know and love.

Q – When do you get new stock in?
A – Wednesdays are New Comic Days! This is when we get our orders from our distributors. If you have a book on special order, it usually arrives 2 Wednesdays after you placed the order.

Q – Do you do special orders? Do I have to leave a deposit?
A – We certainly do! You don’t need to leave a deposit unless the book you’re ordering is over $50. Then we ask for a 50% deposit that can be handled any way you like.

Q – Do you carry Manga or RPG/Gaming books?
A – While these are both areas that we will potentially be expanding into in the future, for now we carry mainly North American, and North American-Style comics and graphic novels.

Q – Can I buy multiple copies of an issue?
A – You absolutely can based on the availability of those issues at the store. Please be advised though, only ONE copy can be claimed under the ComicPull discount. The rest will be charged at the regular cover price. Also, when it comes to Variant covers, unless they have a price marked (IE are more than cover price), they are one copy per customer.

Q – What about returns and exchanges?
A – Sales at The 4th Wall are final. However, If your book is damaged, we will do everything in our power to replace it with an undamaged copy. The product must be accompanied by the original receipt. In the event the product you are trying to exchange is unavailable, we will find you something of equal value to work with. In the case of gifts, please ask for a gift receipt at the time of purchase, and we will exchange the item for store credit.*

*these terms do not apply to single issue comics, which are final sale.

Q – No Toys? No Collectibles?
A – At The 4th Wall, we want to keep the store focused on the books, and not cluttered up with hundreds of toys and statues that, let’s face it, usually don’t sell very well. That said, if you are a collector of these things we can easily order them in for you, and make sure you get them as they are released.

Q – Do you have that comic by that guy? Craig Somebody? It was out in 1996?
A – It’s entirely possible. We’re more than happy to search it out for you but we need some info. A title, publisher or full name of those involved is key. Once we have that we’ll be more than happy to see what we can get for you!

Q – Do you have comics for kids?
A – We certainly do! At The 4th Wall, we know that preparing the next generation of comics readers is just as important as satisfying the needs of the current generation. We stock many ALL-AGES titles, and are adding more every week.

Also, one last thing: Please put on shoes when you come into the store. It’s for your own safety, as we have deliveries and such in and out all day, and I’d hate to see someone step on something.

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