Q – How do comics work?
A – Most comic books are published in single-issue form once a month. After a certain number of issues, or the conclusion of a story, the publishers will then put out a collected edition, or Graphic Novel. These usually come out in hardcover first, with a softcover version a few months later. Many people like to wait for the collected editions because it provides a more complete story, with minimal advertising and nicer paper. Think of it like a TV show: you can watch each individual episode as it’s released, or you can wait for the DVD box set at the end of the season.

Q – Where should I start? 
A – Wherever you like! The best part thing about comics is that there are no limits on subject matter, story, or character. If you can imagine it, it can be a comic. So when it comes to starting, ask yourself one simple question: What do I like? From there it’s easy for our staff to direct you to a comic or graphic novel that suits your tastes and will get you excited about the medium!

Q – Do I have to know everything about the last 80 years of comics to understand what’s going on? 
A – Absolutely not. Most characters and books have about a 10-year cycle where the “universe” of the character gets made over. This is how characters that have been around for so long (80 years in some cases) can remain fresh, and relevant. There are many natural starting places for anyone looking into comics, and our staff is more than happy to show you where to begin! Don’t be intimidated by the sheer number of books available. Most of them are stand-alone stories that can be read without any pre-existing knowledge, aside from the basics. When it comes to series, we do our best to make sure we have Volume One of any given series in stock whenever possible to ensure you can start right from the beginning. There are also handy recap pages to bring you up to speed in most books, and at the very least, Google is a great resource!

Q – Did you know that comics used to cost Ten cents? 
A – Yes. They don’t anymore. Most single issues cost between $2.99-$4.99.