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Hey guys!

This is Marc, one of the new bloods at our wonderful shops here! You’ll come to meet us all, and hopefully love us (as friends, don’t make this weird) as we guide you safely through the waters of the comic book world! We’ll be at both stores addressing your needs and if that isn’t enough, we’ve been given web access! So you’ll get to read all about us here on the site. We’ll be blogging all about our favourite reads, our newest books and merch, and whatever else we feel like. This is the first in what will probably be millions (I’m optimistic ok?) posts to the site.

So the other night, I’m talking to our fearless leader (or Moss as you may know him) about the new Batman game, Arkham City. I’m going on and on and he finally looks at me and says “That’d be a good thing to blog about”. So here we are!

Arkham City is the creme de la creme of comic book/superhero games. It is mind blowing. If you’ve played it’s predecessor, Arkham Asylum, then you don’t need to listen to me because you already know how awesome it is. But for the uninformed, let me give you some info. In the last game, Joker did his usual mayhem inside Arkham Asylum and took Batman along for the ride. Since then, the former warden Quincy Sharpe has now become the mayor of Gotham City. He’s cordoned off a section of the city and made it into a new facility “Arkham City”. Arkham City is run by Hugo Strange and he’s out to get the Batman!

I’m only a third of my way into the game and let me tell you, it is stuffed full of epic Batman-y goodness. I’ve already met like 4 villains, beat down so many thugs and have had my mind blown by plot elements (none of which I will divulge because I understand spoiler frustration). And all of that is just the main story, I haven’t even begun to explain the side missions (of which there are a good amount) and the challenges you unlock by collecting riddler trophies.

I picked up the Collector’s Edition, which I only recommend to the most hardcore of Batman fans. There’s some decent swag in there. The DLC (downloadable content) is pretty sweet, not too mention the Robin DLC and Nightwing DLC that’ll be coming out in November, and the soundtrack is good. But if none of that is interesting to you, and you don’t have 100$ to spend, then by all means go and get the regular edition for the regular price. It doesn’t change how awesome the game is.

The most important element of this game is how much like Batman it makes you feel. Being able to act like my childhood hero, and actually play out one of the most awesome scenarios, it’s too great to express. You truly feel like you’re in the cape and cowl. And there’s honestly nothing better than that.

I’ve only scraped the surface of the giant bundle of amazing that is Arkham City. Trust me, if I went on, the next Batman game will have already come out and this’ll be old news. If you’re interested to know more, come ask me at the store, ask in the comments or pick up the game and see for yourself! You’ll be happy you did, trust me. Hopefully, you’ll be hearing from all of us again soon with a variety of reviews, opinions and utter nonsense!