May 5th, 2012 is Free Comic Book Day!

Ah, it’s that time of year again.

Spring is in the air, the days are longer, movies are better and of course Free Comic Book Day is approaching!

For those of you not in the know, Free Comic Book Day is exactly what it sounds like. You come to the store, say a quick hello and walk out with a stack of comics from the top publishers featuring all your favorite characters. It’s an annual tradition and its absolutely free!

So how about some details:

Open 10am-5pm!
10% off the entire store!

Special Guest Artists:

Kelly Tindall
Kelly Tindall wrote and drew the adventures of Archie Snow, the leopard-headed adventurer, in nearly thirty issues of the acclaimed Image comic Proof before going on to supply artwork for This is a Souvenir (Image), Machine of Death (Bearstache), I Saw You (Three Rivers), Zombie Bomb (Terminal Press), and Matinee Eclectica (Dirty Third). Besides providing colors and letters for other books (such as Green Wake), Kelly is currently working on Rebel Blood for Image and spends time with his wife and super-awesome baby daughter.

Karine Charlebois
Karine Charlebois has been drawing since she could hold a crayon. When she learned that cartoons weren’t exactly made by elves in Japan and California, she found her way into the Montreal animation industry. She’s worked mostly in storyboarding for both TV and video games, and at some point decided to try her hand at comics, first landing a few gigs with an educational publishing house and producing a graphic novel for them. A well known artist in the Gargoyles fandom, she got the opportunity to draw both for the main series and the Gargoyles: Bad Guys spinoff, published by SLG. She currently juggles working from home on a comic series for Mega Brands, raising two young boys with her husband, and trying to make her obese, geriatric cat lose some weight.

Ariel Marsh
Ariel Marsh is a freelance artist living on the West Island. She works on illustrations, pin-ups, watercolour greeting cards and art for small Flash games. Her current comic work includes Infantasy and three stories in Sci-Fact Comics, both published by Ink’d Well Comics. In her free time she digs playing video games, Dungeons and Dragons and reading comics.

Back Issue Drive!
-Have an old box of comics you want to get rid of? Why not donate it to the troops! Bring your boxes on Free Comic Book day and we will send them over to the boys and girls looking for some fun during their deployments! PLUS: Get $5 in store credit per box*!

Coloring Contest! 
-Design your very own comic book cover and win a copy of Avengers Vs X-Men: It’s Coming!**

-Free Comics From Marvel, DC, IDW, Image, Archaia, Archie and more!

-Featuring Avengers, Mouse Guard, Mega Man, Transformers, the DC Universe, Star Wars, Peanuts, Spider-Man, Green Lantern and more!

Stay tuned and start doing those bench presses! You’ll want your arms at top strength come May 5th to carry all your comics!

*To a maximum of $25 – A “box” is considered as one of the Diamond boxes we will re-pack your comics into.
**Or Marvel Adventures Avengers for younger readers!