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As I believe most of you know, or at least a lot of you know, there’s a new Fables spin-off coming out in March. If you’re anything like myself, and absolutely loved Fables and have read all the spin-off, you’re probably just as excited as me.

For those of you who haven’t read Fables (you should go out and get a copy, trust me, it’s worth it), I’ll let you in on the secret, so that you can happily continue reading this post. Essentially, Fables is a story of fairy tale Characters that find themselves exiled into our world after being forced out of the Homelands by “The Adversary”. Fables puts a lovable twist on all the Characters and stories that we grew up with, giving them all multiple dimensions, complex personalities and a story we can relate to in sorts. The other thing about this series that I feel that anyone and everyone can and will love is the artwork. The cover art is always amazing too. I love it.

Fairest, the latest spin-off, focuses on a story of who is the fairest in the land. As Bill Willingham explained in an interview recently, it’s very easy to be the fairest in the land when the whole story revolves around you, but in a story that includes all the other fairy tale characters, its a little trickier. I think this a fantastic concept, we all know that its easy to be a big fish in a little pond, after all.

What I also look forward to is that it wont just be the big names (Rapunzel, Sleeping Beauty, ect) that get to star in this series -or at least judging from the cover they won’t be. In the same interview, Willingham confirmed that on the cover there are more than just our run of the mill gorgeous princess types, but also names like Ali Baba and Nurse Spratt. You have no idea how excited about this that I am! Being your average, not-a-gorgeous-princess type, I absolutely love that its not going to all be focused on the models out there. That being said, as happy as I am that it’s not all princesses, I am excited to see the princesses have their own story arcs – no matter how girlie that is.

I know in all I haven’t really said very much in all this, but it’s hard to tell you about something that is yet to come out. I’m looking forward to it to say the least and ive added it to my personal pull list. I feel that if you’ve enjoyed any of the Fables/Fables spin-offs, you really ought to check it out too! I’ll review it once it has come out (Due to release in March), but it still should be on all your pull-lists!

Fairest #1 – Wrap Around Cover Art

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