Supercrooks #1

Hello comics-fans! It’s been a busy and exciting week in comics and a lot has come out. Justice League #7 is great and the Shazam back story is peaking my interest. On a similar note, Batman #7is phenomenal and the title has not lost any of its steam with the fight for Gotham City soon beginning for the Bat-family titles. But what I was possibly most excited for (it wasn’t Batman? I grew up reading/watching/breathing Batman since I was 2 and I have a Batman related tattoo and I wasn’t most excited for Batman. The world must be upside-down.) was Mark Millar’s Supercrooks #1.

Lately I’ve had this weird craving for a solid, villain based comic. You know, something where the villain was the hero and the hero seemed kind of like a huge jerk. Kinda like Megamind in a way, ya know? Well Millar delivers, I’ll tell you that much! This book is a great introduction into what could be an amazing story. Let me run down the basics for you. So there’s this guy named Johnny Bolt, and he is a real loser. He’s got electric powers and a criminal rap sheet. But the problem is, he’s getting sent off to jail more times than he’s actually making a score. The country is too heavily populated with superheroes. So he gets this bright idea to leave the country, move to Spain, and pull off the biggest heist of his career. if this doesn’t have you salivating, you aren’t a writer! (Granted, I don’t think normal people would salivate over excellent story elements so you should feel secure in the fact that your sanity is intact. In the meantime, I will continue to harbour a crazy writer’s spirit.)

The first issue details the beginning of this major plot and overall it is an interesting start. It defines the characters well, gives this cool almost Ocean’s Eleven feel, and then gives you the set up. Johnny is an interesting character in that you know he’s a super villain but you sympathize with the guy. This sympathy is made all the stronger by the fact that the two heroes portrayed are major a**holes. The Gladiator gives off this show-off, know-it-all vibe as he punches and kicks villains to jail. And another hero is shown to be acquitted of being a “dirty” hero, just because he’s saved lives. There isn’t better characterization than this, I tell you. Now as a writer myself, I could speak for hours about the way Millar did a fantastic job on this book. However, Leinil Yu has a lot of deserved praise for the book as well. He does gorgeous, serious work on this book and gives characters a solid feel to them. Johnny’s lightening bolt tie is a sweet touch I must say.

Obviously, my review of the book is that you should go buy it twice. That’s how much I like this. That being said, it is rife with the standard Millar language (e.g the kinds of things kids shouldn’t say until they hit their rebellious phase) and what I’m sure will evolve into some pretty gruesome violence. Honestly, I’d recommend it for teenagers and up but it’s still something you should be on the lookout for. Did I mention this book will eventually become a movie? Well I mentioned Mark Millar wrote it so that’s kind of saying the same thing, isn’t it?

Anyways comics-fans, you can find a copy of Supercrooks #1 here, at The 4th Wall and if my glowing recommendation wasn’t enough, ask the rest of our lovely crew what they think of it! We’re always pleased to answer your questions and help you find whatever you need! Until next time, comics-fans!

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