The Unified

You may have visited this store from time to time during it’s existence, or come by to check out our friends and roommates at Gamer’s Vault.

Well, here’s the skinny. The East has been folded back into the proper. We are one store again, bigger, stronger and better than we were before.

The reason for this is simple: It made more sense. We set out to see how two locations of operate with each other and in the end we found that we are able to better serve our clients with one, focused, unified operation. Splitting our resources didn’t help us to get comics into our clients hand’s faster or better. So, with that in mind, we brought everything home.

There is no ill will between us and the great folks at Gamer’s Vault. We loved our time together, but we are also looking forward to getting back to what it is we do: Comics.

With the re-unification of our stores comes a few other changes that I’m really excited to tell you about in the coming days. The first of which is a a brand-new website and some renovations that you can check out first-hand at the store any time. This is going to lead to some very cool new stuff that hasn’t been done in comic stores before, and I think you are really going to enjoy it.

Also, starting April 2nd, will be open seven days a week! That’s right, we’ll be open Monday 12p-7p so you’ll be able to get your four-colour fix any day of the week.

Thank you for your support and patience over the last few months. It’s because of that that we know we are making the right call and are so excited to be here for a long, long time to come!

Peace, love & Road Hockey,