The Year of the Superhero

Hey there comic fans!

You know what’s more awesome than comics? Nothing. But what comes to a close second? Movies, and even better superhero movies! That’s what we’re going to talk about today, the comic book movies you should know about and be excited for hitting us in the good ol’ 2012! The list may seem short, but these are what I consider to be the top 3 most anticipated superhero/comic book movies. But fret not, because at the end I’ll list the rest. Never say I don’t take care of the readers!

The Avengers – May 4th

This could easily be the most anticipated comic book movie ever. Never has there been such a concerted effort to get one movie done and planned to a tee. This is the culmination of 5 movies worth of preparation and teasing. It’s been carefully configured and planned out and this is the year we finally get to see it. This movie has a lot at stake, Marvel has pretty much thrown in all their chips, betting on this hand of cards. But everything about it right now is exciting as all hell. I mean the sheer excitement for the trailer was palpable, and as we near the release date, you can bet that there will be Avengers mania! This movie has been given everything it needs, a set of stellar actors who’ve shown in each of their movies that they understand these characters, Joss “King of the Nerds” Whedon as the freaking director, and one hell of a marketing campaign. I’m sure we’ve all got our fingers crossed that it’s worth the wait.

Amazing Spider-man – July 3rd

This movie can be described with one word: Redemption. This is Sony’s one shot to get it right again, and if you’ve seen Spider-man 3, you know they’ve got a lot to make up for. But will it do anything different for us? It is another origin story, as though everyone and their dog didn’t know how Spider-man got his powers. However, it is the introduction of Curt Connors/The Lizard to the realm of movies and that could add something of interest to the movie. Not to mention, it’s a completely different cast from the first set of movies. So while Tobey Maguire is off starring in The Great Gatsby (which I’m actually insanely excited about), Andrew Garfield (The Social Network, and Doctor Who once, huh.) will be playing everyone’s favorite nerd/superhero alongside Emma Stone (Superbad! and friggin’ Zombieland) as Gwen Stacy and Rhys Ifans (He was actually Xenophillius Lovegood in Harry Potter and Nicky’s oldest brother in Little Nicky, because that was my favorite Adam Sandler movie) as The Lizard. It’s got a lot of promise, despite what I may or may not think about the new costume. And hey, if it’s really awful, then maybe Marvel will be able to get the license back from Sony and we’ll see him woven into the Marvel Movieverse! Total win/win!

The Dark Knight Rises – July 20th

Oh man, talk about saving the best for the last! As you should all know by now, Batman is my favorite character of ever. Like seriously, I have a tattoo of Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy with “Bat Nerd” written on a banner. My fandom goes over the upper limit on this one. Christopher Nolan has taken a broken and dying franchise of films, and made us forget what the name Schumacher means to the Batverse (Well, almost). Batman Beginscontinues to be one of my favorite movies of all time, The Dark Knight was critically praised and applauded by nearly everyone (I say nearly because there was probably one or two grouches who refused to comply with “mainstream” attitudes towards the movie) and just like the last two movies I’ve mentioned in this article, The Dark Knight Rises has a lot riding on it. Not many films have amazing sequels, and even fewer have amazing threequels (pardon the term, but it seemed right, I apologize). And the last time we saw Bane as a villain was in one of those aforementioned Joel Schumacher movies, not a terribly good sign. Well that’s where you’re wrong! Look at what Nolan has done with the last two movies and the images and characterizations we’re hearing regarding Bane, and even Catwoman. It sounds like it’ll fit perfectly into the universe he’s helped form. I have the highest hopes for this film as do many others, and  you can expect to see me on the midnight opening for this movie.

Those are the movies I’m sure we’re all waiting to see with baited breath and Avengers/Spider-man/batman shirts waiting to be worn on release day. But what if you don’t care about these movies? What if there’s something other comics related movies that you want to see? Well I’ve got them! There’s G.I Joe: RetaliationGhost Rider andThe Hobbit! There’s also loads more than is speculated to come out this year (most notably Dark Tower, the Stephen King series, although it has no attached release date yet). Oh it will be a glorious year in comics and movies. Oh yes it will!

Until next time comic fans, I’m gonna go polish off my copies of Batman Begins and Dark Knight, and lock myself in a closet with a laptop until The Dark Knight Rises comes out! Happy reading!