Welcome. It’s Here!

After months of planning, weeks of assembling and days of panicked tweaking, the doors of The 4th Wall East have finally opened!

It’s almost 2 years to the day that we opened The 4th Wall in the West Island area of Montreal and with this second store we are right across the street from a Metro station which gives all of our friends downtown a chance to pop by and see how it is we do things.

But that’s not the only unique feature of The 4th Wall East.

Sure, we’ve still got the services of ComicPull, we’ve still got the focus on the comics reader both new and old, but at the 4th East we are exposing ourselves and the medium we love to a whole new audience: the Gamers.

That’s right, The 4th Wall East is sharing a space with the great guys and gals at Gamer’s Vault. When it comes to tabletop games, adventure games, card and board games, LAN games and pretty much any other kind of gaming you can think of, these guys are the top of the mountain.

Like Game of Thrones? Well, when you come in to pick up the comic why not try out the card game? Into D&D? How about a dedicated “Vault” area for you and your party to have your weekly adventures? Gamer’s Vault has it all, and I am so excited to work with these guys. We all share the same sense of excitement and community when with comes to our respective areas of geekery, and this truly is a match made in heaven.

So if you are in the Montreal area, do stop by The 4th Wall East and say hello, won’t you?


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