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Hey kids, been awhile huh?

We are soon leaving the third month of the New52 and it has been gearing up. Aside from the excellent titles from the last few weeks (Batman, Justice League, Action Comics and Green Lantern all come to mind) this week has seen some excellent issues.  I wanted to list what I thought were the three best issues from this week, and give my thoughts on what makes them so great and why you should be picking these up!

Aquaman: I think what makes this book so phenomenal is Geoff Johns’ writing. The way the characters interact with Aquaman, and how he is portrayed just make this book excellent. Everyone makes jokes about Aquaman and Johns’ spends half his time addressing these jabs. I’ve personally realized how stupid every argument for Aquaman’s “suckiness” has been. He is really cool and this book just dispelled all of the bad things I’d ever heard about him. The enemy he’s facing is interesting and this issue brings up an interesting moral dilemma that I hope continues to be fleshed out over the course of this story arc.

The Flash: Oh man. I freaking love this book. It is just so cool. The Flash was never a character that interested me beyond being the comic foil for the Justice League. But this book has flipped it around completely. I never realized the range of Flash’s power beyond running really really fast, and this book is playing with it in an interesting way. One thing that makes me love this book above all else is the art. Francis Manapul knows how to make good, dynamic and movie style pages. The way he places his panels and arranges the effects (my god that beautiful “splash” sound effect in issue #1) just makes it feel like a television show on paper! His style is almost cartoony, but it’s endearing and mature at the same time. This book made me care about the Flash, much like Aquaman, and I think that is what the 52 is about.

Green Lantern New Guardians: This book is just a straight up guilty pleasure for me. What got me excited about the Green Lantern was the emergence of the other colors in the spectrum, after the Sinestro Corps War. I was intrigued that nobody had ever considered that if Green and Yellow existed, why didn’t the others? Overtime, I’ve fallen in love with the Red Lanterns and the other lanterns just seem so exciting and cool. Putting all these elements together into one book has huge potential for awesome. Not to mention that they’ve taken some of the better lanterns to fill out this book such as Arkillo and Bleez (though I wish they’d give her the intelligence she so recently gained in Red Lanterns #3). And that splash page in issue #2! So cool!

There you have it, a nerd’s humble opinions on some of the best new titles the new 52 has to offer! Tune in next week when I inevitably talk about Uncanny X-men #2 (out next week!) vs. Wolverine and the X-Men #2 (out this week!).

Happy reading!